Top 5 Trends in the Beverage Industry to Watch Out For in 2022

The world saw a change in its natural order as it entered the global pandemic, and this stands true for the beverage industry as well. While we were busy making our own homemade concoctions and trying to quench our thirsts with the colorful drinks the past two years, 2022 is not exactly the same. While there are people often indulging in a drink or two with their friends, there’s also a significant mass who shifted to more mindful drinking practices and are trying to stick to natural flavors and alcohol-free drinks. Pacifying the diverse mass, the beverage industry is coming up with suitable solutions by studying the changing trends. And to help you keep in tune here are a few of them jotted down for you:

Tea and Coffee Fanatics are Welcoming More Variants

The ready-to-drink tea and coffee manufacturers are seeing impressive sales and are expected to reach over 130 billion dollars by 2027. While there’s a large mass of the modern world who are daily fueled by coffee and are looking for newer alternatives to stir up their cuppa. There’s also a large section that are swaying away from the caffeine-infused energy and are turning to tea as their daily drink. Herbal teas, iced teas, and flavoured coffees are becoming popular by the day and can be found in almost every other store.

Organic and Greener Flavours > Dairy

With the diverse alternatives available today for sodas and beverages, people don’t really fancy drinks with artificial additives. After all, when we do buy a banana shake we want it to taste like bananas and not something absolutely foreign. This has raised the affection for natural-flavored beverages bringing similar brands to the limelight. The tendency today is more for an individual to turn to a fruit soda than chocolate milk or strawberry. Lemongrass, lychee, berries, cactus, and more and more innovative natural flavours are entering the market, and there’s a large crowd waiting to snatch them up from the shelves.

Hybridization in Beverages

To come up with more and more new solutions in beverages, the manufacturers are now mixing and matching, creating better and tastier beverages. For instance, sodas crossed over with coffees and teas birthing coffee with cola flavours, fruit-flavored sparkling waters, caffeinated sports drinks with other stimulants, and so on.

Gradual Transition to Greener Packaging

The beverage industry like most big goons of the market is notorious for the non-green practices harming the earth’s ecology. But today, the urgent needs of the environment are pushing anyone and everyone to take a conscious measure. Pushing even beverage manufacturers to shift to greener solutions such as bottles made from recyclable materials and paper pouches and so on.

Canning Cocktails

Fancy cocktails are no more limited to bars and lounges. You can avail of them on your local market shelves. 2022 has seen an increased manufacturer of bottled and canned cocktails and cocktail mixes. Just pour yourself a can of cosmopolitan and feel the luxury without having to go through the entire process of mixing up the individual ingredients. Amp up your hangouts with a variety of cocktails and impress your friends without having to put in half the effort.

These are the top noticeable behaviors of the year and they aren’t expected to die down in the coming years. And keeping in tune with the search for newer flavors that’ll confuse and amuse your mind at the same time, Fab Flavours have been helping beverage manufacturers through the years to come up with their own creative concoctions, becoming popular crowd favorites.

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