Unexpected Ways To Use Flowers At Your Next Dinner Party

Flowers have long been a staple of dinner parties and other social events, as they bring life, color and energy to any occasion. But why settle for the same old floral decorations? There are actually plenty of creative and unexpected ways to use flowers at your next dinner party that can truly make it stand out from the rest. 

From incorporating edible flowers into your menu to spicing up drinks with flower petals, these unique ideas will be sure to wow your guests. Here are some unexpected ways you can use flowers at your next dinner party. 

1. Add Them To A Meal

Edible flowers offer a unique way to add flavor and texture to dishes while also adding a special touch of beauty to them. Try adding pansies or nasturtiums to salads, making a rose petal jam for toast, and garnishing desserts with lavender or chrysanthemums. 

Anything from sweet and tart to spicy flavors can be incorporated into dishes with edible flowers. 

2. Blooms Make Beautiful Decor

Instead of traditional centerpieces, why not use fresh flower arrangements as the focal point of your table? A few blooms in glass jars or vases make an eye-catching display and they’re also incredibly affordable. Mix up different types and colors of flowers to create a truly unique centerpiece that will be sure to impress your guests. 

3. Try Floral Cocktails

Adding flower petals to drinks is a great way to give them a special touch. Simple syrup infused with petals from flowers such as lavender, rose or chamomile can add subtle floral notes to any cocktail or mocktail. For added decoration and flavor, try adding a few petals on top of the drink as well. 

You can also enhance your drinks with edible butterfly pea flowers – just mix them in water for an all-natural blue color that won’t have any adverse effects like food dyes do!

4. Use Them For Air Fresheners

To freshen up a space and give it a pleasant aroma (especially if you’ve been cooking food like garlic or onion), you can try making your own room sprays with fresh flowers. 

Simply fill a bottle with distilled water, add fresh flower petals of your choice (such as lavender, rose or jasmine) and some essential oils if desired, then shake up the mixture before spraying. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this unique touch!

5. Distribute Them As Thank-You Presents

Why not use pressed flowers as a considerate gift to express your gratitude to your guests for attending your dinner party? Flowers can be used to embellish cards or gifts by being compressed in books before use.

It’s a wonderful idea to offer your guests something unique that will make them think about the amazing evening they spent with you.

Final Reflections

Your next dinner party will be one to remember if you use flowers in inventive and surprising ways. These original suggestions will elevate your dinner party, from spicing up drinks with flower petals to decorating with flower arrangements and adding edible flowers to plates. 

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