The Best to Worst Cat Food Type Hierarchy

Your cat’s ancestors lived in the wild and mainly thrived on high protein, high fat, low carb wet diets. They are genetically programmed to eat raw food; however, many things have changed over the years and today’s domestic cats munch on various types of food.

Some cat parents believe that dry food cleans their furball’s teeth. But the truth is pet food makers promote this idea because of the enormous profit margins these products promise. It is best to discuss with your vet the products that can help maintain oral and dental health.

Remember that dental diseases are not uncommon in cats. Poor oral and dental hygiene can lead to gum and tooth infections, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth resorption, and other medical conditions. Take your cat to the vet asap if you suspect dental problems.

Help lower your cat’s suffering by supporting it with timely testing and treatments. The best pet insurance can help you with hefty dental bills during such non-routine vet visits for issues like sickness, injuries and medical emergencies. Consider buying cat insurance if you haven’t bought a policy yet.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn the best to worst cat food types human parents can offer their furball.

There are many forms of cat food available in pet stores. For example, some popular ones are dry, wet, canned, raw, freeze-dried, and home-cooked. Find below supposedly the best to worst feline food items to feed your munchkin.

The best

A well-balanced, homemade raw meat diet can be considered the ideal food type but only if you do it well (e.g. be mindful of harmful bacteria, etc). This is because you are in more control of the quality and quantity of ingredients going into a dish. Otherwise, you can look for commercially sold raw meat diet food available in dehydrated, frozen, and freeze-dried forms either in physical or online specialty pet stores.

Lightly or thoroughly sauté the raw meat, depending on your cat’s eating preferences. Note some cats don’t respond well to whole raw meat. Also, test the food for a safe temperature before feeding your fluffy friend. You can consider adding specific digestive enzymes or probiotics before tossing them into your cat’s food dish. Be sure to first check with your vet about this.

The better

Natural/organic canned cat food can also be a good bet. However, sprinkle some digestive enzymes before serving. Consider adding a bit of fresh, raw, or medium-cooked meat to your feline’s meal. A weekly/bi-weekly treat can keep your cat waiting for it.

The good

Canned food from popular cat food brands that can be picked up from giant pet food retailers, grocers, buy-and-save stores, or sold/recommended by vets, are made specifically for cats. Consider giving your cat food supplements, antioxidants, probiotics, etc., in the best interests of its health but, again, first take your vet’s advice.

The bad

Genetically modified or artificially processed ingredients are used in some dry food products. Still, they will be labeled premium or organic, so double-check what exactly you are buying for your cat before adding an item to your shopping cart. It is worth noting that authentic organic products have the word “Organic” prefixed to all the food components apart from primary proteins.

The worst

The “whole-meat” or “raw meaty bones only” food type without supplements is highly unbalanced and can cause chronic nutritional deficiencies over time. Conduct thorough research if you want to go down this path and discuss it with your vet first too.

The above-listed cat food hierarchy can help you choose the right food for your furball. However, there can be no substitute for your vet’s recommendation. Feeding food types applicable to your pet cat helps avoid allergies, stomach upsets, and other health issues.

Nevertheless, consider being prepared with the best pet insurance ahead of time. Cat insurance can bail you out during distressing pet health situations that may be financially taxing. So, contemplate purchasing a policy.

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