Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene

If you’re rich and famous star, chances are you have no problem affording things like soap, shampoo, and deodorant, right? You could even hire professionals to bathe you, if you so desired! So it must be a problem of motivation for the celebs on this list, who are surprisingly some of the biggest and most popular stars of movies and TV. 

Would you believe one of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe supposedly has bad body odor? What about two beautiful cast members of one of the most successful sitcoms of all time? Well, one of them supposedly has the tendency to smell “like a trucker,” which the other allegedly used to do some particularly private “ladyscaping” right on the couch she shared with a roommate. Heinous, right?

This list goes on and on, and it actually gets worse from there. In fact, some stars are straight up gross. Let’s take a look at Tinseltown’s A-list, and how some celebs get a get a big fat F when it comes to personal hygiene. These are the stars with the worst personal hygiene. 

Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘pretty pungent’

Remember how actress Gwyneth Paltrow swore off ever going to the Met Gala again in 2013? The Oscar winner complained that the scene was too hot and sweaty for her, but it turns out it was probably an even worse experience for anyone who stood next to her. “Poor Gwyneth looked picture-perfect, but it must have been the hot lights that caused her to be a little strong on the nose,” an insider told the National Enquirer. “It was pretty pungent, and I don’t think she had a clue. I saw at least two people wave their hands in front of their noses after passing her.”

A friend of the actress made an excuse for her, telling the tab, “Gwyneth has heard that aluminum is supposedly carcinogenic, and that putting an aluminum-based deodorant directly on those sensitive armpit glands can increase the chances of breast cancer. She’s trying out new deodorants; she’s bound to fail with some of them…but Gwyneth tells pals she’d rather be smelly than dead.” (For the record, the American Cancer Society disagrees with Paltrow.)

Matthew McConaughey is keeping it really real

Actor Matthew McConaughey told People (via the New York Daily News) that he hasn’t worn deodorant in 20 years. “I don’t like to smell like someone or something else,” he said, adding, “If my smell starts to bother someone else, I’ll take a shower.” 

One person it bothered? His How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-star, Kate Hudson. McConaughey told Playboy (via the Boston Herald), “She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says, ‘Will you please put this on?'”

Julia Roberts is a ‘total hippie’

America’s sweetheart supposedly stinks. Actress Julia Roberts told Oprah in 2008, “I don’t actually use deodorant…it’s just never been my thing.” 

Apparently, neither is soap. A former security guard for the pretty lady told Star (via Life&Style), “Julia is a total hippie. She’ll go days without showering. She likes to save water — she’s really green. And she likes the smell of her natural oils.” The guard added, “She also says that she can’t wash her hair too often because it’s so dry. She may have a point there, but she often gets musty.”

Don’t sit upwind of Russell Crowe

Actor Russell Crowe’s body odor is reportedly as foul as his temper. Joan Rivers once said, “He has a body odor problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes.” (Technically, Rivers probably would have been better off sitting upwind, right?) Insiders told the National Enquirer that after repeated pleas for better hygiene on the set of Cinderella Man, co-star Renee Zellweger insisted on a body double for anything intimate.

One of Crowe’s buddies justified the actor’s odor. “Russell is just an ordinary bloke and he certainly doesn’t have a hygiene problem,” the pal said. “If you stand really close to him you may catch the occasional whiff of alcohol and curry after a night on the town. But you show me a normal, down-to-earth bloke who isn’t like that the morning after he’s had a few beers and some good grub.”

Jessica Simpson and her ‘powerful’ teeth

Designer Jessica Simpson’s big, bright smile may not last long. The singer and reality starlet told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that she hardly ever brushes her teeth. “My teeth are so white and I don’t like them to feel too slippery, but I do use Listerine, and I do floss everyday,” she said. “But I don’t brush them everyday. I’ll use a shirt or something … I know it’s gross, it’s gross, but I always have fresh breath.”

It wasn’t the first time Simpson announced her aversion to brushing. People reports that Simpson told a concert audience once, “Find me when I’m 60 and [my teeth] will probably be all out, but I literally have these strong powerful teeth that don’t need to be brushed.” Can someone please get this woman a Sonicare stat?

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