Benefits of going to church

Beliefs have changed in recent years, especially in the most developed countries, where more and more people declare themselves atheists or agnostics. However, there are also many who claim to believe in God, although without following any specific religion. These new beliefs are based on the idea that there is indeed a superior being, a kind of force that created us, but that does not intervene in the affairs of men.

Of course, there are also still many people who declare themselves to be believers in the great monotheistic or polytheistic religions, mainly Christians, Islamists, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists . The latest statistics report that the most followed religion is Christianity, followed by Islam, atheists, Hindus and Buddhists. Within the Christians, it must be taken into account that these are divided into various branches with their differences, being mainly these three: Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants.

When we speak of greatlifechurchsocal we can refer to the physical building, in which Christians celebrate their worship, or to the congregation of Christian people who believe in the same religion.

In churches , believers who share a religion gather to celebrate various acts, such as ordinary masses, or the different sacraments: baptism , communion, confirmation, marriage … You can also go alone to sit on a bench and pray or to request God’s forgiveness for any fault committed through the sacrament of penance.

Before, all believers attended these religious events weekly, but there are more and more who define themselves as believers, but not practitioners , that is, they believe in God and in most of the principles of the Catholic Church or Protestant or whatever, but they don’t go to church or follow the precepts that it marks.

For them, God is everywhere and it is not necessary to follow these rules to be a believer, it is enough to believe in God in his way. For this reason, although there are still many people who consider themselves Christians, the churches have fewer and fewer faithful who attend their acts and who follow their mandates to the letter. As many say, “religions adapt to people”, instead of the other way around, as it used to be.

Benefits of going to church
However, although religion is a very personal subject and everyone has the right to live it as they prefer, since, after all, beliefs help us to be happier and to face dilemmas such as death.

there are many benefits of go to the church:

1- Solve your doubts

Both by talking with the priests or pastors, as well as with other believers, in the church you can resolve some of your doubts regarding the main beliefs of your church and its precepts.

Science has no place in religion, most things must be believed through faith, but faith is a complicated thing to have, especially in the very rational and scientific world in which we live today, so Discussing your doubts with other people and knowing what they think can help you not to doubt everything and keep your religious beliefs and ideas firm.

Spiritual meetings, catechesis, meetings or mass can help you with all your doubts.

2- Being part of a community

One of the great advantages of religions is feeling welcomed and comforted by other people who think and believe the same as you.

Religions help us face complicated processes, such as the death of a family member, and being in contact with other people who help you and give you comfort in those hard times, making you feel that there really is life after death, is tremendously comforting. Going to a funeral or mass for a person can help us ease the pain of that death and make us feel a little better, especially when noticing the warmth and support of the people and your community. And it is that people need to feel part of a group or community, and there is no better way to achieve this than by going to church with the rest of the parishioners.

3- Celebrate the various religious acts

And, of course, the main benefit of going to church is being able to attend the different religious events that are celebrated there, such as mass, a person’s baptism, communion. confirmation or wedding.

Churches are where these events take place and people come together to celebrate these sacraments that mark various key moments in a person’s religious life. such as joining the church, taking on the body of Christ for the first time. reaffirming commitment to faith or getting married in front of God and all family members.

Therefore, if you are a believer and do not usually go to church, maybe you should rethink that, since going to church can also help you in several ways.

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