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SEMrush Review: The Best Seo Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor analysis is an element of any SEO campaign. It’s the process by which you identify the most relevant search engine optimization opponents, learn about their strategies and tactics and develop your strategy accordingly. Mixx is such a social growth platform which provides you more followers, views through Instagram. Your goal should be to outrank them in SERPS. There are several tools that assist with the process of competitor analysis. Each tool will tell you how the competition ranks in search engines, how they rank in natural searches, and what they rank for specific search terms. From these data, you will learn about how your choice of keywords and phrases relates to the competition.

Are you searching for an SemRush seo tool which helps you track your ranking? Here comes the solution for all of your seo related tasks. It is called “Sem Rush”. Come, lets learn what is SemRush? , how does SemRush work? , and how to use SemRush ?

In this competitive corporate world, standing in the top position of google search results is one of the top most aims of all business organizations. A business organisation which holds their position in the first page of google search results will be viewed by the common people and get more recognized as well. Similarly, it is a universal fact that every business man will keep an eye on other business organizations.

Today, the technology is getting developed day by day, and all the business organizations who are competing to get sustained in this competitive world are updating themselves with innovative technologies. All business organizations, if we analyse them, we can see that there is a position called “digital marketing”. Even small and medium sized organizations also have digital marketing position? Have you ever thought of what is this position for?


Digital marketing analyst is a position who plays a major role in displaying the business organization effectively and make that company reach the top positions of google page. If the company not using the digital marketing strategy effectively, undoubtedly we can say that, the survival of that company is very very difficult. Proper usage of digital marketing strategies not only help you to achieve fame but also to introduce and strengthen your product brand. In internet, we can see various seo marketing tools available for the seo developers to get best results.

One of the most effective digital marketing tool that help you grow your business brand is Sem Rush. Sem Rush is an seo tool that has been used by many large scale business men to grow up their business rapidly. There are many features that help the digital marketing analyst to help them grow their business is as follows:

1.Keyword Research

2.Site Audit

3.Content writing with keyword

4.Site positioning

5.Keyword ranking

6.competitive analysis

7.backlink source, etc.

What is SemRush?

Sem Rush is an seo tool which was founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in Philadelphia. It is a software that works as service for online ranking and marketing analytics. Sem Rush is a competitor analysis tool, that helps you do keyword research, check semrush backlinks, check ranks of your competitor and also helps you track your keyword ranking. One of the most important task of this tool is to perform semrush website audit.


Sem Rush is one of the best competitor analysis tools available today which I personally have good opinion about this tool. So Semrush login has became an important area of business growth analysis. I have been using this tool for more than 2 years and it works perfectly for me. It has also been trusted by many seo agencies and professional bloggers as well.

Sem Rush is the best sem tools that was developed in 2008. It is a kind of seo tool whose mission is to make online competition transparent and fair. The aim of semrush tool is to create such a platform where everybody can get equal opportunity to operate with. It is the main advantage of Sem Rush. SemRush tool can be used for any number of sites at the same time. Within a short span of time, SemRush tool has developed a lot in seo industry and it has become one of the leading competitive analysis service for digital marketers. This SemRush tool has been trusted by many large organizations such as Amazon, Disney, eBay, etc.

Whether you are having a personal blog site, adsense, infolinks, or even a corporate website, Sem Rush can easily work for you in achieving more traffic towards your website. Its platform works to identify popular keywords, audit your site page seo, check your site rankings, back links etc. Through these features, SemRush tool can help you in both traffic creation and thereby it helps you increase your revenue. Sem Rush which is a competitor analysis tools free , helps you find the best keywords for your blog so that traffic comes more towards your website. For instance , let us consider one example. There might be some pages that pulls back you website from getting more traffic. So by using this SemRush tool, you can easily recognize them and make the needful to achieve your goal. Similarly, there are many many advantages, that help you to get benefited from this tool. So I personally recommend to use SemRush tool to attract more traffic towards your website.

Advantages of SemRush Tool:

1.It helps you to detect the issues of your website that pulls your site back from getting more traffic.

2.It monitors the performance of your website.

3.It helps you to find out your keyword ranking.

4.Track social media success.

5.Reputation of your brand can be monitored.

6.User friendly tool that helps in optimization techniques.

7.Improve website’s seo ranking.

8.Search engine robot crawling makes easy by using this tool.

How does Semrush work?

Having a corporate website or a blog site is not enough to become the top position of google, instead we need to perform many tasks continuously like SEO, SMM etc to be on top position. Sem Rush consists of many features which cannot be used by a trial period customer. Sem Rush offers a 30 day free trial in which we cannot use many of its features. We are able to use only a limited number of Sem Rush features. After the trial period we can use other paid features by following their plans. Sem rush pricing offers 3 kinds of plans for its customer. From them we can choose the best one for our usage. Sem Rush consists of a single dashboard. You don’t have to move one option to other for each rask. All you can view in a single dashboard is an another facility which shows it is user friendly seo tool.

Suppose, if you want to audit you website or you need to find out your competitors’ websites in order to find out their position or keywords used by them to achieve the position, then it is possible in semrush social media tool, all in one touch. All you need to do is, just sign up to the Sem Rush website. Paste your competitor’s website domain link in to the search box provided in the dashboard. Sem Rush will show you all you need like ranking, keywords used by them to achieve the position, which all pages helped them to achieve the position etc etc. Sem Rush will show you a complete overview of that website in a single dashboard. Dashboard contains the features like organic search domains, backlinks, display advertising, referring domains, paid seraches, latest publishers, media ads, landing page, anchor tag links, referring domains, etc. Sem Rush is a completly versatile tool that helps you to identify and find out all you need to achieve top position in details.

How to Use Semrush ? How to find keywords?

A sample organic search result is given below: (fig )

A fresher to SEO field may not know what each field is for. So lets go through briefly what each field indicates. After logging in to the Sem Rush website, paste the root domain in the space provided near the search icon. The semrush reports you get as a result will be similar to the above given semrush reports. Now lets talk about each fields in brief.

Keywords : This field indicates the list of keywords which is used by that website.

Pos : This field shows the position of that keyword in google search engine.

Volume : This field indicates the total number of users who uses that keyword.

KD : KD stands for Keyword Difficulty. As the name suggests, it indicates the difficulty for us to use that particular keyword.

CPC : This is the field which provides information about the average cost per click.

URL : url that promotes traffic.

Com : Com indicates competiion towards that particular keyword.

Results : Result of the search engine.

Trend : Trend indicates the trend of that particular keyword.

Backlinks of a Website:

Backlinks are very important for a website to drive them to traffic. But quality inbound backlinks are the most prefered ones by Google. Only a good quality backlink support you to rank higher in the search results page. Having a healthy competition among various top class business organizations is good to achieve better innovations. Similarly we can compete with your competitors by analysing them using Sem Rush. Sem Rush uses domain vs domain tool to find out their ranking and keyword details. So by analysing sem rush report, we can find out which area we should focus on in order to achieve top positions. This tool can compare 5 websites at a time.

backlinks of a website semrush

SEMrush Rank

The main goal of each business organization is to get a fame among the customers. For that purpose, securing a high rank for their website should be their primary goal. semrush seo tool helps you in recognizing your position globally or in a particular region.

Site Audit

Sem Rush helps you in auditing a website. It is the right platform to check the rank and analysis report of a website. By using semrush website audit tool, we can find out on-site errors and we can work on it to make it error free. We can even fix the on-site errors using this tool. Thus it creates a user friendly experience. Lets see how it helps us in auditing a website :

It optimizes the internal and external links.

Adds necessary tags

Creates unique meta title, meta description, html tags etc for search engines.

Find and fix errors on pages.

Helps to help duplicate content in your website.

Site Audit semrush

Semrush reports Generation

We can make beautiful and attractive website semrush reports using SemRush tool. There is a “Report” tool in Sem Rush. It helps you to organize the report that is very important in one place. This data can be generated and we can make a report by simply drag and drop widgets.

Traffic Analytics

A new feature was introduced to semrush competitor analysis tool some months ago. It was called Traffic analytics. This traffic analytics feature of semrush seo tool give full information about the source, that is, where the traffic is coming from to our website and which page is having more traffic, what increases its traffic and all those information at one place.

Semrush reports Generation

Brand Monitoring

It is very important to have a brand reputation for every business. This reputation decides the position in your business. Today, researches proved that almost 75% of the customers believe in online customer reviews. This reveals that there are chances that bad reviews can spoil 50% of your online deals.

It is very risky to track what all makes your brand backward. semrush review is the tool that helps to do this task effectively within seconds. Brand monitoring tool allows you to create new opportunities to promote your business brands.

Brand Monitoring semrush

Social Media Tool

Semrush social media tool is the most effective way to reach out maximum number of customers today. Semrush tool easily take care of this social media effort. Social media tool helps you to find out the actual response from the customers. We can also check the social media activity of our competitors also in Sem Rush.

Social Media Tool semrush


The main goal of this article is to help the business men to provide a way to success using SemRush tool. Here you can reach success by using some of the features of this tool such as site auditing, brand monitoring, keyword searches etc. and leads you to the success in business brand. It also creates a good competition among other top class business organizations and creates a good positive experience.

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