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Five SEO Report Examples for Tracking the Success of Your SEO Efforts

Can you inform your clients of the value of search engine optimization (SEO) and the status of ongoing SEO efforts? so just take an expert new york seo agency primelis on it.

You are not alone if you have battled with conveying progress. According to a research by Aira on technical SEO, 20 percent of respondents cite demonstrating the worth of their work as the most challenging aspect of their position.

To demonstrate the worth of your effort to clients, SEO reports are crucial. We’ve assembled some advice and templates for creating an SEO report that inspires confidence, persuades stakeholders, and retains clients.

SEO analysis reports allow you to monitor the status of all actions, including keyword rankings, organic search traffic, and link-building, from a single dashboard. They convey to clients the efficacy of your SEO agency’s job.

In addition to visually showing important indicators, these reports provide your clients with:

It describes the significance of important measures and the progress gained relative to the previous month.

  • What recommendations do you have for your client?
  • What behaviours should they avoid?
  • Adapt these suggestions to the client’s specific company objectives and marketing objectives.
  • How an SEO Report Template Aids in Building Client Confidence
  • They assist clients see the advantages of SEO
  • Not every SEO measure is useful to your customer.

A well-structured SEO report template focuses on the data and KPIs crucial to the customer, highlights vital actions, and minimises overloading readers.

It recognises the reader’s primary objectives and offers just the pertinent information. You may also compare data across reporting cycles (weekly or monthly) to demonstrate a rise or fall over time.

When determining what to include in your report, you should keep your audience in mind. Sending a report on the performance of a campaign to a marketing lead? Include operational pay-per-click (PPC) campaign metrics with your SEO KPIs.

If you anticipate that the head of sales will see your report, you should emphasise the number of sales leads generated through organic channels or mention the revenue contribution of organic traffic.

  • Transparency and trust-building with a customer
  • Your direct clients are not the sole recipients of your reports.

They are distributed to other departments for reference or to management as part of investor reporting, quarterly company evaluations, or SEO strategy planning meetings.

Consequently, the quality of your report is one of your greatest possibilities to communicate with your client’s stakeholders. Excellent reports provide value to your client’s business and make them seem good in front of their peers and superiors.

It’s an opportunity to exhibit your agency’s dependability and attention to detail, both of which are desirable qualities when seeking repeat business.

With well-presented, consistent, and accurate data accompanied by practical advice, your SEO business becomes a trusted partner for your clients.

It gives potential for upselling

When you comprehend your client’s performance, you are more attuned to their requirements. Having a defined beginning point will make it easier to produce client-resonating ideas and proposals. Consider supporting your ideas with substantiated case studies or supporting statistics, where appropriate.

Accelerates reporting

In marketing, managing data duplication among many sources is a difficulty. According to a 2021 Airtable poll of marketing executives, 34% of information is replicated across many sources such as spreadsheets, papers, and applications.

Duplicated data results in more time spent cleaning and aggregating data and less time spent designing and implementing SEO strategy for customers.

Using a reliable, client-specific report template can save you time and allow you to spend more time giving insight that helps your clients create new revenue.

What Should Your SEO Report Template Include?

  • The most essential KPIs for achieving objectives
  • Consider the following when determining which metrics to report on:
  • What is the primary goal of this SEO strategy, and how does it affect my clients?
  • Which analytics assist me in conveying my message?

Multiple data sources

A Twitter study conducted by SEO expert Aleyda Solis in October 2020 showed that the majority of SEOs utilise two to four paid tools, with some utilising more than eight. Due to the fact that each tool has its own method for showing data and analytics, you will need to combine data from different sources to convey a unified story in your report.

Enhance your monthly SEO report template with these two components

Notations and remarks

Notes and comments are a hassle-free method to add insightful context to your data without clogging up an SEO reporting dashboard.

Four examples of items that can be included in dashboard comments or notes:

  • In a few phrases, provide an outline of key ideas.
  • Explain unfamiliar terminologies or define KPIs
  • Include goals and objectives for a KPI.
  • Explain a data trend or offer further information on an abnormal spike or decrease in a key statistic.
  • Visuals and depictions

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