Deez Nuts Jokes 2022

“Deez Nuts” in the immediate sense alludes to a gentlemans royal gems. Presently the different viral “Deez Nuts jokes” come from a trick call made by Welvin Harris, otherwise known as Welven Da Great. He hits up and his father and inquires “accomplished something come via the post office today?” and afterward when his father inquires “what”, he answers “deez nuts” alluding to his danglers prior to blasting out in chuckling.

Excuse me but do you like Wendys?

Yes why?

Because you are going to love when deez nuts hit you in the face.

Excuse me but do you Bofa?

Bofa? I don’t think so?

Bofa deez nuts!

Hey, are you familar with Landon?

Landon who?

Slip, fall then landon deez nuts.

Do you remember that guy Willya?

Willya who?

Willya put deez nuts on your chin.

Hi there, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.

Dee who?

Deez nuts!

Excuse me but do you like pudding?

Yes, of course.

Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.

Do you enjoy parodies?

sure why?

Well how about you enjoy a pair of deez nuts on your chin.

Have you seen the film Bofa?

-Bofa? Who is in it?

Bofa deez nuts.

Have you met my friend Phillip?

Phillip who?

Phillip on deez nuts.

​Hey there buddy, I have a bunch of old albums, would you like 2 cd’s?

-Sure thanks

To see deez nutz.

​Hey there, what kind of music do you like?

Oh, I like Green Day, Eminem, you know that type of stuff.

Do you like Imagine Dragons?

-Yeah sure.

Imagine dragging deez nuts over your head.

Do you know who is coming to our party later on?

Yeah Dee is.

-Dee who?

Deez nuts.

Have you considered leaving?

Leaving what?

Leaving deez nuts in your mouth.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Dee who?

Deez nuts.

I think you should be a goblin this halloween.

A goblin? Why is that?

Goblin bofa deez nuts

​Do you prefer the Yankees or the Expos?

Expos deez nuts!


Yank on deez nuts!

Funny Deez Nuts Hoodie
Hey do you like Chef Boyardee?

Chef Boy-Are-Deez nuts tasty!

Do you know the new rapper Willya?

Willya who?

Willya put deez nuts in your mouth.

How do you say “yes, I would like some” in Spanish?


(quickly interupt) see deez nuts!

You: Dee was asking after you the other day.

Person: who is Dee?

You: Deez Nuts!

Do you like Vanessa Paradis?

-Yeah sure

How about a pair of deez nuts.

Have you heard about this new breed of bunnies that have been emerging all over town?

Oh really?

Yes, they are called Slaw Bunnies.

Oh wow, tell me more.

Slob on Deez Nuts.

Have you heard about the news in Kenya today?

No, tell me more.

Well, Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth.

Teacher: In all your subjects I am giving you D’s.

Student: Well I am also going to be giving you D’s.

Teacher: What do you mean?

Student: Deez nuts!

​Have you played that Xbox game “Sea Of Thieves”?

Yes why?

Well Sea Of Thieves Nuts fit in your mouth.

“I was shopping at the local farmers market and purchased some fermented succondese”

“fermented succondese?”

“yes, Fermented succondese nuts”

I am so sick of this it sucks!

What sucks?

You suck on deez nuts.

Hey Mike is Phil there?

Phil who?

Fill up on deez nuts!

Excuse me but do you know Candice?

Candice who?

Candice set of nuts fit in your mouth?

If you are so clever, have you ever heard of Ligma?

Ligma? I don’t think so, tell me more.

Ligma nuts!

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