What To Look for When Buying a Used Dump Truck?

Investing in heavy equipment is a big monetary decision. It is very often that people opt for the used equipment instead of buying a new one. But it is very important to have a proper inspection of the equipment before buying used equipment. A dump truck is a kind of heavy equipment required for multiple tasks at the construction site.

In this article, we have gathered a list of necessary inspection measures that you should consider before buying a used Dump truck.

Look for Tires, Body, and Dump Box

The first and foremost thing to consider is the body of the dump truck. Closely examine the structure of the body, it should not be rusted, dented, or cracked. The next to look is the dump box. Make sure that the dump box is made of steel or aluminum. The steel ones are heavier and more durable. Whereas the light weight of an aluminum dump box lets the machine use lower fuel.

On the other hand, tires are a major part of the machine and play a vital role in the industrial equipment supply chain. It must be in good condition. Look closely, if it is damaged or uneven, ask for a replacement from the dealer.

Operator’s Cab

The operator’s cab must be equipped and safe for the driver to operate. It must have all the necessary and basic installments with safety measures. Check the odometer of the cab and analyze the mileage of the dump truck. Further, check out the overall interior of the equipment. If anything is missed or found odd, ask for the repair, and if it cannot be repaired then move to other options.


The most important thing to look for when buying a used dump truck is its engine. The condition of the engine determines the capability of the equipment so it must not be compromised at any cost. Be strict when inspecting the engine horsepower and mileage capacity. 

Maintenance and Documentation

All the necessary documents must be present while buying a used dump truck. Check the legal document and license of the equipment. A trustworthy dealer would have all the records of maintenance and basic legal documents. Regular maintenance keeps the equipment well for a long time. Check the maintenance record and analyze how frequently the dump truck has been maintained. The maintenance record will also help you to see if the previous owner has maintained the user guide and maintenance necessities or not. It includes oil change, engine mending, and another repair on wearing and tearing.


A dump truck is a kind of heavy equipment, often used at the construction site for carrying heavy loads. When you are going to buy a used dump truck from the industrial equipment supply, make sure to closely examine everything. The proper inspection before dealing will help you get the right product as having heavy equipment is a big investment. Check out the tires, dump box, engine, and all the necessary documents before purchasing. If anything is found unwell, ask for the replacement or else move to the other dealer and equipment.

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