Things You Should Know Before Packing for Canada for Studying Higher Education

We dive into this step-by-step tutorial on the study permit application you need to have these five documents ready first a letter of acceptance from a designated learning response essay writing service institution second proof of funds this could be anything from bank statements to letters of financial support with an affidavit of course from your parents or relatives that are sponsoring you number three passports and here i mean a pdf document with all of the used passport pages scanned together and merged and it’s important a lot of people make a mistake of having their passport run out in like two or three years upon the application process but you need to make sure that your passport is good for the studies period plus your postgraduate work permit so once you study for two years let’s say in Canada you get a three-year post-graduate work permit after studies.

So your passport has to be good for at least five years because right now i have friends who ran into this issue where their passports expire and right now because of the pandemic it’s pretty hard to renew your passports it’s a big headache that you don’t want to have number four is a digital photo and the requirements are on the screen right now and number five is your letter of explanation which is a very important document again just go back to the point where i mentioned it and click on the link up there and now we’re diving into the step by step tutorial watch really closely as everything mentioned is very important on google type ncic login site into your ircc account make sure that you register if you haven’t done so yet it’s pretty simple and straightforward but i’m just going to sign in with gc key and here you can see that i applied twice the first application was reduced and the second one approved so we got it yes we’re gonna scroll down and say apply to come to Canada we’re gonna say that i do not have a personal reference code visitor visa study permit we’re gonna fill out this form here.

Huh at this point you should be accepted into your school so we’re gonna hit yes i am actually single ready to mingle yes let’s say i want to come to nova scotia since i’m here already but so it’s going to tell you that your result is a student’s study permit actually you’re eligible to come together as a student if you come from certain countries you might be eligible to apply through the student direct stream it’s pretty much the same process so i’m just going to go with the regular study permit in this video you click continue and then you fill out another questionnaire it’s going to ask you do you have a valid work permit or study permit and you need a visa to return to can you say no because you need that visa right now you’re applying for your country are you an exchange student you are not an exchange student is work an essential component of your studies here you say yes.

If you have a co-op term that we talked about before [Music] oh you will later on need to submit a medical exam but for now you’re going to say no if you lived outside of your home country for more than six months you would need to provide criminal records from those other places you lived in so be sure you also have that in mind but i’m gonna say no for this assuming you’re just a high school graduate and you didn’t live anywhere abroad for six months or more you have no family members you had no [Music] obviously [Music] most of the time you’ll be paying your fees online i assume once you’re done answering questions please review all the answers and screenshot this page to make sure you have something to rely on in the future and then here you will be directed into your profile you hit continue and you start submitting your documents it’s important to know that all of these documents even if it says optional are not optional you need to submit them if you want to be successful at your study permit application the first one here it says evidence of work requirement and study that’s actually your letter of acceptance it should say that you have a co-op term or a work term that’s an essential part of your program then letter of acceptance of course passport what i told you about pdf proof of means of financial support digital photo family information to form your filament there is another form you fill out these three forms you need to fill out and sand are pretty straightforward the first one the second one here and the third one they are really simple but for the sake of the video i want to make sure you understand everything so you download them once you download the form you want to open it with your adobe acrobat meter which is a free software you can get only through this you can fill out the form and this form everything that has a little star next to it and stuff you need to fill out it’s pretty straight forward as you can tell the form is really simple if you have questions just reach out to me in the comments and at the end don’t forget to validate the forum here just type in your legal name and you validate it and the same applies to other forms they’re really simple straightforward basic information make sure you have your letter of explanation in here you upload it here and then you pay 235 dollars as your application fee and you submit your application again if you have any questions regarding your study permit application ask them.

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