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Types of Roof Types

The four-sided roof provides stability and prevents water from accumulating on the roof in winter. A gable roof is a common type, but some types have more modern looks. Similarly, a bell roof adds a touch of modern style to any architecture. Gambrel roofs go well with a front-gabled or crossed gable design. These roof types are available in a variety of materials. Read on to learn more.

Four-sided roofs provide stability

Mansard roofs are a type of four-sided, gambrel-style hip roof that features two slopes on each side, the lower slope being steeper than the upper slope. The steepness of the lower slope creates an additional floor of habitable space. Additionally, a steep roof with windows reduces the height of the entire roof, thereby decreasing the overall height of the structure for a given number of stories. Mansard roofs are relatively expensive to install and do not do well in areas with heavy snowfall. But, if you live in such an area, you may want to consider a mansard roof for its durability and beauty.

M-shaped roofs prevent water from building up during the winter

An M-shaped roof has two gables put together like an M. This design is popular in multi-family properties, as it connects multiple dwellings and gives the appearance of separate dwellings. It can also be used in smaller homes, where the addition of an m-shaped roof can allow extra living space and plenty of windows. However, the downside of this style is that it can cause drainage issues, as the slope of the roof is different on each side.

Bell roofs add a modern touch to any architecture

A bell roof is a classic type of roofing that is often used on vintage-looking structures. It features flared eaves and can be used in conjunction with other similar-sounding features. The bell roof is also commonly used in combination with box gable roofs, which feature triangular extensions that are closed off. A bell roof can also be round, square, or multi-sided.

Gambrel roofs work well with front gables or crossed gable designs

Gambrel roofs are a popular choice for outdoor storage sheds. They give you more room, but they’re not a good choice for regions that experience heavy snowfall or extreme wind. Because they’re only on two sides of a house, they’re susceptible to collapse. You’ll also have to inspect your roof annually, which can add up fast. You can have an inspection done from an Ottawa Roofing company.

Hip roofs are a more elaborate design

A hip roof is one of the more elaborate designs. It features two peak ends and a ridge. The ridge is the intersection of all four slopes of a roof, while the hips are the flat portion of the roof. The design is more complex than the common hip roof, and the differences between the two styles are reflected in the price tag. Hip roofs are usually seen on newer houses, especially those in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Flat roofs are a standard frame for modern homes

Many people assume that flat roofs are only found in modern homes. In fact, flat roof houses have been around for centuries and were traditionally used only by the super-rich in the U.S., but their popularity has made them more affordable for the average person. Flat roof houses are available in all shapes and sizes, and can even include a rooftop deck, small garden, in-ground pool, and built-in planters.

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