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Number of Pool Hours astoria

Before entering the water, infants, and children as young as one year old can put on swim diapers. Please bring it with you at your own risk because even though we might be able to locate a spot to leave your stroller, we won’t be able to keep an eye on it for you. More explanation is available on Piscinas cerca de mi.

Find out what you need to bring before you leave.

Before venturing out to the pool, double-check that you have a reliable combination lock. It will prevent damage to your valuables and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your time on the ocean without worrying about your possessions.

What Should Not Be Brought

You will not be permitted to bring food, glass bottles, electrical devices, or newspapers on this trip. Food can be messy to clean up after, unbound periodicals tend to blow around and generate litter, and there is too much water to ensure your electronic devices remain secure.  We also recommend leaving valuables such as jewelry and credit cards at home for your protection, just to be safe. The outdoor pool is open every day from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., with a brief closure for cleaning between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. 

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What Should I Put on?

To gain access to the pool area, you will be required to have swimwear on you at all times. If we cannot determine whether or not a person is wearing a bathing suit, we might examine the men’s shorts to see if they have a lining. Do you feel like you need to conceal because of the sun? You need a basic white shirt and a white hat, and you’ll be good to go. On the balcony, you are not permitted to wear shirts with any color on them. Also, remember to apply protection to your face! We offer complimentary sunscreen at all municipal pools throughout the five boroughs.

For the Young Ones

Are you planning on bringing any floaties? It is much safer to leave them at home and wait until everyone in the group can swim before venturing out of the shallow end of the pool. Want to explore deeper? You are welcome to participate in any of our free swimming sessions.

Managing our Lines

There is frequently a wait to use our facilities. We assure you that the delay will be worthwhile! On particularly crowded days, we will occasionally take measures to expand the pool’s capacity so that more people can enjoy a swim. We may introduce swimming sessions and reduce the time you can swim in the pool. On particularly busy days, we also hand out bracelets that enable you to return later without waiting in line.

The formerly popular diving pool in Astoria Park has been brought back into the public eye.

However, a local Astoria resident has started a petition to restore the diving pool to its former glory after the Parks department announced in 2014 that it would fill in the diving pool and establish a performance space.

Kathleen Springer brought up in Astoria very close to the pool, has made a passionate appeal to the city to reconsider its plans to fill in the diving pool instead of rehabilitating it. She had provided the city with photographs of the pool in its heyday, including when it was used for the Olympic Trials in 1936 and 1964.

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