MBA Students Should Be Aware about Information Systems

MBA – (Masters of Business Administration) focuses on information systems and using different technological principles, design and development to help a business thrive in this competitive environment.

Without sound knowledge about various information systems, aspiring MBA students can’t perform their responsibilities as proficiently as they would.

Keeping this in mind, here are some information systems MBA students must know.

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(TPS)– Transaction Processing Systems

First in our list of information systems is TPS – Transaction processing system. As its name suggests, it immaculately records and processes data from various business dealings and trades.

The system helps process purchases, sales and all inventory changes. It also updates respective customers, inventory and other databases- that resultantly provide data resources to be processed and utilized by MIS, DSS and EIS systems.

Enterprise Collaboration Systems

As MBA field experts put it – Enterprise collaboration systems are a type of information system that uses various information technologies to assist people in functioning conjointly.

It helps collaborate, converse ideas, share resources with everyone and manage work efforts of project teams, members of formal and informal processes and other workforces of the existing organization.

The whole point of the enterprise collaboration system is to boost overall productivity and work volume, foster team creativity and synchronize all work groups.

In many ways, this particular information system embodies the fundamental essence of optimal and seamless business management. That alone makes it necessary for aspiring MBA candidates to know about this information system.

Process Control Systems

Work support systems used by managerial end users help make sound decisions promptly to control all work processes routinely. 

Example – Production control decisions and inventory re-order decisions. It features another category known as Process Control System.

This information system prompts auto decisions regarding adjusting a physical production process. 

Take, for instance:

Petroleum refiners use electric sensors linked with computers to keep track of the chemical process continuously.

The computer unit tracks the chemical process, captures the data detected by its sensors, processes it and immediately makes adjustments to improve the entire refinery workflow.

Operations Support Systems

In words of top assignment answers help experts online, OSS – Operations support systems competently process all business-related transactions, regulate various industrial processes, back enterprise communications, and collaborate and improve databases for a business establishment.

Information systems always play a vital role in any business organization. They process data accurately and even churn up many information products for external and internal uses.

MBA aspirants must learn all they can about business operations support systems. It’s essential not just to improve their business acumen but to also establish a stable career in the vast field of business management.

(MIS) – Management Information Systems

One of the most essential information systems MBA students should know MIS – Management Information System.

Labelled as the most familiar form of management support system, it delivers information products to high-end managerial users to help them perform their daily tasks and make sound decisions.

The system delivers a wide range of accurate reports and displays to the concerned management end-user. Moreover, the information product content is dexterously specified beforehand to ensure the contained information is precisely what the managers require.

Furthermore, MIS also retrieve information regarding internal operations via databases updated by transactional processing systems. It also obtains data regarding a business environment from various other external sources.

If this isn’t enough – the information obtained through MIS covers reports and displays, which can be accurately furnished whenever required. 

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