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Apple today announced a major change to the way its iPhone and iPad software works. The company is now using its own web browser engine, called WebKit, to power all of its web-based applications. This includes Safari, the default web browser on both iOS and macOS. ios macos webkitbonifacicengadget

iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur will feature a new design language that brings a consistent look to Apple’s various platforms. The new design language is based on the company’s San Francisco font, and it includes rounder icons, new window designs, and more. Apple is also introducing a new Control Center in iOS 14, which will provide quick access to frequently used settings. ios macos webkitbonifacicengadget

In recent years, Apple has been moving away from its reliance on Google services. One of the most important changes has been the switch from WebKit to Blink as the default rendering engine for Safari.

The move from WebKit to Blink is a big change for Apple. Safari was one of the last major browsers to switch to Blink, and it’s a big shift for the company.

Blink is a fork of WebKit that was created by Google.

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