How to Request a Deadline Extension?

Are your deadlines impossible for you to meet? Well, considering the consequences of late submissions, you have two options in front of you:

Option Number 1: Request your professor to extend your deadline

Option Number 2: Opt for our online thesis writing service

While option 2 is quite easy; we will talk about ways to convince your professor to accept your deadline extension request:

10 Ways to Convince Your Professor to Extend Your Deadline

Here are some effective ways to ask your professor to extend your deadline:

1. Ask for the deadline extension as early as possible

If you have just received your assignment and the deadline is too unrealistic for you, you should immediately request your professor to extend your deadline. Explain why you won’t be able to deliver your assignment or dissertation on time. If you delay your request and submit your deadline extension request when the due date is near, your professor will probably reject the proposal. It’s understandable because they would think you wasted most of your time and only started working on your paper when the deadline was close. Also, they will consider it unfair to other students.

2. Talk to your professor in person and state a valid reason

Approaching your professor in front of other students and asking for a deadline extension can go horribly wrong. Other students will start demanding the same thing, and your professor will ultimately reject your request. So, wait for everyone to leave the class and then speak with your professor. Or, you can visit them during their office hours to discuss the deadline extension. At that time, they are not focused on anything else and will give you their undivided attention. Explain your problem, and they might understand why you’re asking for an extension.

3. Make them believe you can meet the extended deadline

If you are a student who submits dissertations and assignments late, your professor probably won’t entertain your extension request. Therefore, you need to submit your home assignments and coursework on time and work hard on them to be in a position to ask for a deadline extension for your dissertation. You need to make them believe that this is the only time you will ask for a deadline extension. By extending your deadline, your professor will be doing you a massive favour because every other student is required to submit their dissertation on time. Prove you are trustworthy.

4. Show them you will perform well

Every professor wants their students to perform well. However, they also know some of them never score satisfactory grades, no matter how much time they get to work on their dissertation. If your performance and class participation are unsatisfactory, your professor won’t extend the deadline for you unless it is a highly serious matter. So, if you are planning to file a deadline extension request, make a good impression on him by performing well in home assignments and actively participating in class. Don’t try to butter your professor, as they know exactly why you do so. Show them that you can utilise the extra time productively and perform exceptionally well.

5. Explain how the extension can be helpful

Your professor won’t grant you an extension because you want more time to work on your dissertation. Many other students in your class would also want a deadline extension.

“Why should you get the deadline extension when every other student in your class has to submit the dissertation on time?”

This is a question your professor might ask you when you request an extension of the deadline. In response, you should explain how this extension can help you deal with a problem.

6. Provide evidence of your problem

No professor will believe your story unless you provide them with authentic and self-explanatory evidence of your problem. For example, show your professor authentic medical documents and reports if you are going through a health problem. Do not try to fool your professor, as they know how to verify documents. If your professors find your request reasonable and backed by evidence, they might extend your deadline.

7. Show your progress

Do not go to your professor and ask them to extend the deadline when you have made no progress in writing your dissertation. Otherwise, they will straightaway reject your request, claiming that you’re just being lazy and will ask you to follow the deadline others are following. For instance, if you have completed the research work for your dissertation and want some more time to write it, your professor might entertain your request.

8. Write a professional email

You are not the only one in your class which wants the professor to extend the deadline. Before you step into your professor’s office, you’ll find there’s no room as it’s mobbed by other students requesting them to extend the deadline. Some of them have genuine issues, while others are just lazy. You shouldn’t join your classmates if you have a genuine reason for requesting an extension. Otherwise, your professor will ask everyone to leave their office, including you, and won’t entertain anyone’s request. Instead, you can write a professional and respectful email where you can explain your problem with the help of evidence before asking for a deadline extension.

9. Reach out to your academic officer

If you do not have a good relationship with your professor, they will most likely reject your deadline extension request. Also, your professor might be too strict about entertaining such requests. If your issue is valid, you should approach your department’s academic officer or student support service to request a deadline extension on your behalf. If they accept your request, your professor will probably entertain your request.

10. Don’t ask for an extension multiple times

If your professor has granted you a deadline extension once, do not ask for it again. They have already done you a huge favour by granting a deadline extension to you while your classmates had to submit their work on time. So, make good use of the time at your disposal. Don’t break your professor’s trust by submitting your dissertation late after the extension.

11. Request an extension for all of your deadlines at once

If you have multiple deadlines coming up one after another, you might need to extend all of your deadlines. However, we’ll recommend you request an extension for all of your deadlines at once. Write an email to all concerned professors and keep the academic officer in CC. Explain your problem and tell them why you won’t be able to submit your coursework on time. Hopefully, they will understand your situation and grant you an extension.

12. Don’t lie!

If you are downright lazy and want your professor to extend your deadline for no apparent reason, it’ll be unfair to other students who are putting in an honest effort and are submitting their work on time. Therefore, only ask for an extension if you have a valid reason that you can defend using evidence. Lying might get you into a lot of trouble with your professors.


If your professor is still not extending your deadline despite all your efforts, you have only one option left—choosing our dissertation proposal writing service. At Dissertation Pros, we can complete your dissertations and theses before your deadline at any cost.

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