How To Get A Gold Loan In Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India and is also the center of business in the country. Many of the top Indian companies are headquartered in this city, which makes it a prominent city in the region. Additionally, Delhi has many international corporations that operate offices here such as Google and Microsoft.

Gold is the most sought after gold in today’s world. Its demand from jewellers, jewelers and jewelery retailers has increased by a very large margin in India. The increasing population of India with new housewives who wish to invest in gold and their desire to look more youthful has also led to this huge surge in the demand for gold.

Gold loan is a type of monetary facility which provides you with easy and quick loans over gold. It’s very helpful to many people including: Those who are struggling to repay a debt, those who need some amount of cash urgently but have no option to get it otherwise, or for students.

Gold jewellery loan is a secured Financial Instrument that helps you to get the money for your desired purpose. Gold Loan secures all the gold jewellery at bank and in case of any default, the bank helps in getting back your jewellery.

If a loan is secured by the natural resources of a country, it is called as a gold loan. Thus, your gold becomes the collateral for a gold loan. If your gold is in safe and secure place – this loan can be availed for obtaining some cash but only after paying interest on it. At times you are required to come up with an insurance policy for the same. It is worth saying that there are several benefits associated with gold loan like no security check, instant processing of approval and approval.

There are times when you may need an urgent money. The gold loan is what most of the people prefer over other personal loans as it is secured by gold. Loan amount is between Rs10, 000 to Rs25,000 depending on the type of quality and weight of gold you want to pledge. An important feature about Gold Loan is that you will only have to pledge your gold and pay for the rest amount when the loan becomes fully paid in your bank account.

How to apply for a Gold Loan in Delhi?

Are you from Delhi and looking for cash urgently? Then pledge your gold with us, we will be delivering the money earned in 5 days and you can take home the real cash.

  1.  To avail the gold loan facility, you can visit the nearest Gold Loan providing center with Gold in your hand and proofs of identity like Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card).
  2. You should also check that you are 21 or above of age and eligible for this.
  3.  We now ask you to fill out an application form which includes your personal information, as well as your gold. The bank’s representatives are then able to evaluate if your gold is fit for purchase within the current market conditions and offer you a price estimate for your gold.
  4. Within a few hours, you will be handed over the loan amount.
  5. The process of registering for the Gold loan is quite simple! As soon as you enter our website and register, we’ll assign you a very friendly representative who will visit you in person to verify your gold. The representative will then hand over your cash immediately.

How does Gold Loan work?

In order to pledge your gold, you will need to first take the physical possession of it. Gold Loans works in quite a simple way. Banks or NBFC’S take your gold which you want to pledge. Once the gold is checked and all the documents formalities are completed by bank officials, they provide you with funds against your gold ornament which depends upon the weight. You can then get the money without going through long waiting periods at banks.

At times, cash needs are in urgent need and you will have to search for an appropriate organisation to help you out in such cases. Depending on your financial status, there are many options available for you when it comes to getting a short-term loan against Gold jewelry. If you have received gold jewels as a gift from anyone then you should be very careful while availing any loan against this. There are many frauds traps that could affect your money so don’t take them lightly.

 Gold jewellery loans are offered for collateral security. These loans are made by private banks and NBFCs via their own channels, otherwise you can take it through a local lender. So, make sure you go for private banks or NBFC instead of local lenders when taking a loan for your gold jewellery. While you are lending your gold make sure you have a good of 18k or higher which is acceptable in the market. Also, if you have know what your initial price of gold in the market at the time you are lending it then that would help you get what we deserve

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