Software Engineering Scope in Pakistan

Being a sub-field of Computer Sciences, BS Software Engineering has lately seen a steep escalation as our world is witnessing an era of next-generation technologies like AI, RPA, Blockchain, etc. Likewise, Software Engineering, BSSE Subjectsare thriving in Pakistan, not only offering promising careers but much higher pay scales. In fact, in Pakistan consistently with the pace of 35%, BSSE jobs are expanding. The IT software industry of Pakistan is estimated to be standing at $2.8 million in the market worldwide. Furthermore, BSSE Jobs in Pakistan are not limited to the traditional job culture only but the freelancing opportunities in the field of Software Engineering have succeeded exceptionally with Software Engineers sitting in the home or any place globally and securing a notable amount of earnings. The responsibility of a person to his work is undoubtedly valued in this field of interest.

Nevertheless, before further diving into the unrivaled scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan, let’s have a look at what Software Engineering really is at its very core and how Software Engineers’ responsibilities excel from other people around them?

Software Engineering: A basic perspective

Software Engineering is similar to designing a bridge, it sprouts from determining what you want to build and ultimately finalizes on figuring out a way how to build it. Essentially, the Software Engineering field had begun to concentrate on the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) management for conveying great quality and anticipated software products to clients, the people associated with this field play a vital role in pivoting the type and nature of the product to be made. Such products ought to have the quality to run on any gadget easily. The Software can be of any kind like the development of games, web development, educational programming, and so forth.

Initiating with the gatherings as prerequisites, the role of Software Engineers includes client meetings and planning accordingly, hence signing off with an excellent product properly communicated to the end clients including all sorts of manuals and documentation. Else that taking care of archives for reuse and configuration processes for developing software.

Despite all these nitty-gritty of the processes within Software Engineering, do Software Engineers really stand a chance in the highly competitive market of Pakistan? The answer is a definite yes! This field is trending not only in Pakistan but all over the world, giving a larger ground to play for the experts in this field.

Perks of Being a Software Engineer in Pakistan

It’s no secret that choosing Software Engineering to carve a career pathway can not only secure your future but also gives you the leverage of choosing between a traditional company job or freelancing or maybe both if you are capable enough. This means that the upside of this field comes with amazing perks of the whole world being your clientele and working for anyone from anywhere. Plus, it’s always good if you are backed up with earnings in USD or GBP while spending in PKR.

Software Engineers’ Salary in Pakistan

Talking about Pakistan only, a Software Engineer’s salary can range somewhere between 30k PKR (beginner level) to a whopping 120k PKR (expert level). However, it all depends on the skillset one has and this is somewhat the downside of Software Engineering. As, at some point in this field, the requirement is purely the good quality of skills where the GPA on your bachelor’s degree more or less becomes useless. Passing out with a good GPA from a renowned university while having no skills will get you nowhere to a good salary package as a Software Engineer. Nonetheless, no one will even hire you if you don’t have a BSSE degree. Thus, it’s crucial to first earn a Software Engineering degree, then focus on acquiring good quality skills, and finally ace your field.

Now that we have a better idea of the actual scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan, the question is where to start to successfully land a Software Engineering dream job in Pakistan?

Career Takeoff

A Software Engineer needs to begin his/her career by getting a good grasp of programming languages. If he/she desires to obtain professional-level programming abilities then he/she must have the ability to think critically.

It has always been a long debate among the ICS students in Pakistan as to how to transform themselves into professional Software Engineers. Well, the first and foremost requirement of entering the field is a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (BSSE) to get a few IT abilities and get to know how essentially PCs work. The Software Engineering course duration can last up to four years or sometimes more.

Software Engineering Subjects

In Pakistan, the universities that offer Software Engineering degrees have criteria of 8 semesters to be passed during the time of the 4 years. Understudies have to complete 50 mandatory and elective subjects. These subjects not only lay the foundation of programming basics but also provide in-depth knowledge about backend systems as well as networks and architectures associated with them. Whereas the students are also taught to solve complex mathematical queries and subjects related to culture and religion like Pakistan Studies and Islamiat.

Moreover, in the last year of the BSSE degree, the students have to come up with a Final Year Project (FYP) under the guidance of a teacher that is then thoroughly assessed by a committee appointed by the university. Based on the performance, the BSSE students might get a job offer while still studying, whereas landing a job after the completion, of course, is still not as difficult as the recruiters in Pakistan always have a good response for BSSE students.

In a nutshell, IT is taking over the globe swiftly, and choosing Software Engineering as a career is a better choice that can be done with full confidence and peace of mind.

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