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In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Infosys Chairman Narayana Murthy discussed the role of India in the global technology landscape. Murthy praised India for its large pool of engineering talent and its entrepreneurial culture. He also said that India is well positioned to become a global leader in technology, due to its vast population and growing middle class. amazon infosys murthy indiaraibloomberg

On August 24, 2020, Amazon announced that it would be partnering with Infosys to create an artificial intelligence (AI) research lab in Bangalore, India. This is a significant partnership between two of the world’s leading technology companies, and it underscores India’s importance as a rising AI power.

The lab will be staffed by Infosys employees and will focus on developing new AI applications for Amazon’s e-commerce and cloud computing businesses. amazon infosys murthy indiaraibloomberg

In a move that’s being seen as both daring and ambitious, Amazon has tapped Indian-born billionaire and business magnate N.R. Narayana Murthy to help lead its expansion into India.

Murthy, who is the co-founder of Infosys and one of the most respected names in Indian business, will be joining Amazon’s board of directors and will be working closely with CEO Jeff Bezos on the company’s India strategy.

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