5 Keys to a Successful Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit Sop That Was Approved

Ladder of explanation is like a well fitted suit done right it’s not too baggy nor is it tight it fits just right today i am so excited to teach you exactly how to tailor that suit for you to get your visa approved welcome to um canada your digital immigration space i don’t like to waste anybody’s time thus we will start right away from my personal letter of Literature essay writing help explanation that got my study permits approved you will see that my letter of explanation is only 250 words about one page it’s meant not to overwhelm the visa officer and to get them to focus on what matters in your letter of explanation key.

Bumber one a purposeful intro your first paragraph is like a title to a video you should tell the visa officer exactly what you’re all about and how you’re going to benefit from Canada in just a sentence or two just like the title to this video five keys to a successful letter of explanation you know exactly what you’re getting so let’s dive into my letter of explanation so if we check the first paragraph of my letter of explanation we’ll see that it says my name is max m i am this old and my goal is to establish a strong restroom scene in ukraine to accomplish this i would like to combine my prior international hospitality experience with an outstanding culinary education that canada offers.

Again i’m showing the purpose and giving the benefits that i will get from education in canada i’m saying i will establish a strong restaurant scene in ukraine i’m saying my goal and canada is just a stepping stone to my goal and itself is not my goal it’s important to focus on it don’t be a cliche don’t say that can that is an amazing cultural experience it’s such a beautiful amazing country i have so many friends there that is not relevant cut the unnecessary stuff do not be disrespectful to their time key number two validate your words show them how you’re already taking steps towards your goal show them that you’re serious about it so if we dive into the second paragraph since my home country is still developing i see a lot of opportunities here for myself and my family in the future to secure this future and be a true leader in the restaurant industry i have already done an extensive six-month hospitality course in New Zealand that was followed by an internship at the biggest restaurant in the country reference attached again validation validation is for them that i’m already taking some steps and also validation because i’m attention references.

So my words are actually not just words they have proof right key number three show international experience if you can it’s important to show that if you traveled and stayed in a developed country let’s say the u.s canada australia new zealand europe for an extensive time you stayed there you didn’t actually break any rules you returned to your home country that shows them that you intend to do the same with canada you’re not going to stay after studies so i said here that after my six-month hospitality course in new zealand that was followed by an internship i actually returned right because right now i’m in ukraine applying from ukraine and i am intending to come to canada to further strengthen my experience and culinary i have important news for you a good letter of explanation can either make or break your visa application of course you can do it yourself by following the five keys to a successful letter of explanation i am giving to you right now free value but also if you’d like me to do your letter of explanation you can connect with me on instagram at max medic we can have a private conversation about your case and i could work on your case i only have five slots a month the seats are limited and the fee i charge is really low it’s nothing compared to the 500 a thousand dollar fees that immigration consultants charge please make this decision yourself know that it’s possible to do yourself but if you screw something up it’s really hard and tough to unscrew.

It reach out for help if you need it key number four match your goals with your school let’s talk about exclusivity of the program it’s when the program you’re going for is only offered in canada and your home country does not provide an alternative to that so if you say that you’re taking something really specific and you can’t find anything like that in your home country it can really strengthen your application another good point to mention is that everything develops really rapidly in the world and your home country is not keeping up with the education trends with the career trends thus you cannot really find a good education at home i have a message to my older audience right now.

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