Why Should Choose UEL for Msc International Business Management

About Msc International Business Management Course

A master’s degree in international business management prepares you for a variety of business roles in a global context, whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, global innovation, corporate strategy, consulting, or multinational management. University of East London staff and students have a diverse experiences from all over the world, making this master’s degree a truly international program.

The course looks at future trends in business, ranging from the changing role of business in society to the impact of rapidly evolving technology on business in a global context. We teach you to be mobile in a variety of markets in high-tech, knowledge-intensive areas; maintain flexibility to technological changes, and maintain an international outlook as the world develops.

You’ll learn about how businesses can adapt to new challenges, from the importance of sustainability to climate change to the rise of robotics and the Internet of Things.

Located in University Square in Stratford, close to the shopping and financial centers of London City and Canary Wharf, you’ll enjoy great opportunities in a targeted learning environment.

The course is designed to resonate with people of different backgrounds, so you don’t have to have special academic or work experience. During the degree, you will develop important analytical, research, and communication skills as you work on projects with colleagues and conduct your own original research. Our personal tutoring scheme gives you access to specific academic tips and exciting field opportunities.


The University of East London has a large selection of accommodation offers and you can choose one of them. As a bachelor’s or international student, you will have the advantage of obtaining a place in the accommodation provided by the university for the first year of study:

Accommodation is divided into rooms of different sizes for premium, standard and wheelchairs.

The weekly accommodation fees vary for about 42 weeks for each room type: Standard and wheelchair room fees range from £ 149- £ 192.5. Fees for premium rooms are around £ 182.

Each accommodation offers facilities such as training areas, bicycle storage areas, laundry rooms and vending machines. All calculations are included in the rent.

International Student – Finance

The University of East London boasts a “rigid tuition structure”, meaning that any new international undergraduate (other than medical) and postgraduate researchers starting in the 2020/21 academic year will receive the same tuition each year.

International students must pay a deposit. It costs £ 4,000 for undergraduates, £ 3,000 for graduate students and £ 5,000 for MBAs.

  • Tuition fees for undergraduate courses cost £ 12,700 per year.
  • Postgraduate tuition costs £ 12,700 per year.
  • The placement will cost £ 3,000 a year.

Pathway Providers

You will still be eligible to enter the university if you meet the IELT 5.5 minimum English language requirements and have the required math skills for any student whose education has been suspended or who does not have a recognized qualification. you can. With Skill Me, we can provide you with a level path using our road provider partnership.


If you are a student with a financial education who cannot support your studies at the university you are interested in, you can apply for a scholarship. Depending on the requirements for the grants and your successful achievement, you can fund your living expenses and tuition fees. Depending on the course chosen and the scholarships available, different funding options are different.

  • The University of East London offers scholarships:
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • International scholarship


All universities participate in international cooperation with university institutes, public and private industry. Each university typically engages in research projects, which is a good indicator of the specializations the university has. If the topic is consistent with the research, the degree programs offered are a good indication that additional training resources may be available. This can increase and improve the quality of education and open up career opportunities. The University of East London conducts leading research in the following areas:

  • Calculation
  • Psychology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Anthropology
  • Cognition and neurology

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