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Why Microblogging Proves Itself Healthy for Social Media Marketing?

You can thank Twitter for this. 

Do it for Microblogs…(and then this blog, too…if you please). 

Microblogging has been around in social media and online marketing since it was brought to reality in 2005. Twitter made it official. Now, it is one of the most useful tools used in digital marketing and content creation. 

A little blog can make a huge difference, you see! 

Although technology has paved the way to make even newer things to help marketing in the online realm more productive and fruitful, microblogging has proved its worth in a variety of categories since it came into existence. 

In recent times, it is even more powerful for one; good thing: The Mobile Devices. Microblogging is more relevant and subjective these days for the MONSTROUS DOMINANCE OF THE MOBILE PLATFORM. 

Are there still good reasons to Microblog for your social media marketing?

The rest of this blog can tell you that.

Why Microblogging Makes Sense for Social Media Marketing

Microblogs are popular because they are specific and work to solve problems. You can make a Microblog on bad credit loans with guaranteed approval no guarantor direct lender to state that the loan is taken out even in a bad credit situation, and then it helps in recovering credit score by pending credit card payments and, of course, timely loan payment.

You see, you can get the job done in less number of words as well. 

That is exactly what today’s customers want. Skip the clutter of complicated forms of content and help them with the precise information quickly. 

What best way to do this apart from taking the help of a Microblog?

A Microblog, as the word suggests, is a blog that words can create; an image, a photograph; a short video clip; a short film; an infographic and many more. 

Twitter now limits the character count of a text-based Microblog to 280 characters. 

Other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook have their microblogging rules and regulations. 

For a general Microblog, experts suggest you can keep it written around 300 words. But crossing that wouldn’t mean that you are microblogging. 

A Microblog can have even a greater impact than writing or making a traditional blog for a business. 

Time to find out why so:

  • It is a Time-Sensitive Content that WORKS!
  • You Can Grab More Platforms in Less Time 
  • Experimenting?
  • A Business Can Perform Consistently by Microblogging 

Well, let’s scroll down to get some more ideas about these points in detail:

It is a Time-Sensitive Content that WORKS!

Forget a lengthy and meaty piece of content. 

Just think content. 

Are you achieving your targeted results with the content you are making?

Yes, a Microblog may very well fail to do what a traditional 700-word blog will do. 

But again, you are not getting any ROI from a 700-word blog that doesn’t work. You have probably invested quite a lot of time in that.  

You could have easily finished 3 Microblogs of short length in this time frame. 

That would have given you the opportunity to grab the attention of an even wider customer base. 

Besides, if you can make the desired impact you want within 200 words, which is highly possible because shorter content is closer to precision, why would you pen down an 800-word blog? Go ahead and create man Microblogs. 

Why does it work?

Well, people like things that are precise and interesting! They are busy too. A customer of yours struggling in the streets of London during busy hours to get a cab or board a crowded metro doesn’t have time to read a blog of 1000 words. But he or she might find it interesting to read a simple 150-word Microblog inside that cab or metro while commuting, don’t you think? 

You Can Grab More Platforms in Less Time 

Well, microblogging can make you reach out to your customers on different platforms. 

You can create a Microblog on a topic and then go on sharing it on all of your social media accounts, from LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter. In this way, you can create multiple posts on the same day too. 

Writing Microblogs is so easy that you can easily create them from your phone and post them on the go. 

There is also another interesting benefit to this. Read the next point to know that. 


Imagine making a 1500 word blog for half a day posting it on different platforms, linking it to your social media accounts, and then waiting for a day or two to gain your customers’ feedback. 

That even sounds pretty backdated as well. 

It makes you lose a lot of time. 

Instead, focus on microblogging and learn what your customers are interested in quickly. You can post the revised content within moments. 

Plus, you are free to use different or alternative versions of content on specific platforms to learn what people prefer as per their choice and as per the platforms they use. 

A Business Can Perform Consistently by Microblogging 

Imagine you have faced some employee problems?

Or do you find your insurance company to miss a few terms?

Or that you are a bit busy tackling your low credit score for your business credit card. 

Problems like these can keep you busy. This means you may lack time to work on your blogging for social media too. Besides, you have got other things to do in the department of digital marketing s well. 

Creating Microblogs takes really less time. If you are doing it from the beginning in your social media accounts on different platforms, then being consistent in keeping up the pace and posting regular content is going to be quite easy for you even at the time you have to experience such issues.

So, keep on microblogging and solve the issues at the same time. 

Oh yes, for the bad credit problem, you can talk to a direct lender for guaranteed approval on poor credit loans. 

To Conclude

So, you are microblogging already?

Well, that is great news!


It is because if you love doing it for your audience, then they are going to probably love it too. 

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