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What to say and not to say to someone with depression

Depression is not a term that is unheard of, and yet, we are so woefully ill-equipped to deal with it. Not only are there issues with the correct understanding of it, but there are also many taboos surrounding the issue.

Unfortunately, many people do not take mental illnesses seriously. There is also a misunderstanding that you can moderate depression; no one chooses to get depressed, and they cannot just snap out of it.

The societal perception also then prevents people from seeking timely help from the Best Psychiatrist in Islamabad. Hence, it is very important to have conversations about depression from the people suffering from it.

What not to say to someone with depression?

It is all in your head

Depression is not in one’s head. It is a mental disorder that is caused due to chemical changes in the brain. Moreover, depression can affect anyone. Hence, do not make callous statements like these.

Moreover, it is also akin to gaslighting, as you invalidate one’s reality and tell them what they are feeling is actually not true.

Be grateful for what you have

When a person is depressed, their thought process is altered. You cannot ask them to focus on gratitude. Furthermore, asking them to be grateful can sound like an accusation, and put the people suffering from depression on defensive. It can also add on to their guilt and make their condition worse.

You should think positive

Thinking positive is not always easy, and harder still when you are having depression. Moreover, while thinking positive is helpful, it will not cure depression. And people who are depressed do not choose to feel down.

You should be strong

Preaching strength to someone who is struggling with every second of their life is unfair and rather insensitive. It makes them appear weak and lazy. It can also contribute to them feeling worse about themselves.

Moreover, by telling them they are not being strong, you undermine their struggle to operate, and refuse to understand their challenges.

What to say to someone with depression?

I am here for you, always

We all need unconditional support, but when you are vulnerable, you need greater support. Hence, telling people you will be there for them is helpful.Moreover, when you are down, you have a greater need for reassurance.

How can I help?

Rather than offering people unsolicited advice, and doing things that are not helpful, ask them how you can be of help. Be sincere in your offer, so that the person knows that you are genuinely offering, rather than just saying words that you do not mean.

Can I come over?

It is harder for people to ask you for help. They might hesitate, or not want to impose on you, and hence do not call you when needed. Therefore, it helps to ask them when you can come over. It allows them to not have the guilt of imposing on you.

Can I take you out?

Many people who are depressed have a hard time getting out of their bed, let alone their house. So, offer to take them out. Try to encourage them to step out.

It not only helps them change out of the usual routine but being out in the nature is also helpful for their mood. It is especially recommended that you take them out during the day, as sunlight is good for improving the symptoms of depression.

I can help you visit the doctor

It is very hard for people with depression to visit the doctor, as there are many hurdles. Some people fear the stigma, and hence they do not visit the doctor.

Their disease might make it extremely hard for them to move, let alone visit the doctor. Others might have had a bad experience, or do not think the treatment plan is working. Hence, encouraging them to visit a Psychiatrist in Lahore is a helpful thing to do.

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