Vacuum Truck: A Wonderful Construction Machinery

On the construction site, have you ever seen a machine clearing and cleaning the site in minutes? This is actually a vacuum truck.

The vacuum trucks are so innovative that they can perform their job in minutes and will leave you in wonder. When a construction site needs to be cleared from excessive bushes, grass, and other debris and has delicate pipelines then a vacuum truck would be a great choice.

How does a Vacuum Truck Works?

Have you seen a vacuum cleaner at your home? A vacuum truck works on the same principle as a vacuum cleaner that you use at your home. It is a kind of heavy equipment you can always count on. They work by combining all the power of pressurized water with pneumatic suction. The design of a vacuum truck is simple yet very innovative. It is attached to a large collecting tank at the back of the truck which collects all the debris with the help of a vacuum hose. When the vacuum pump sucked all the debris from the ground it throws into the collecting tank. It does its job very neatly without leaving any piece of leftover behind.

Types of Vacuum Truck

Once you decided to have a vacuum truck for your next project, you should now choose according to the job requirements. Vacuum trucks are available in different sizes, hose lengths, tanks, and suction power. Some of them are dedicated to transporting the material after sucking them up.

Two main types of vacuum trucks are:

  • Hydro Excavator Trucks
  • Dry Vacuum Trucks

1.   Hydro Excavator Vacuum Truck

Most vacuum trucks belong to this category. They are used in almost every big industry for several purposes. They are more versatile in performing jobs including cleaning, hauling, and digging the holes as well. The mode of collection works on the high pressure of the water stream to break the hard piles of debris and then suck them up with its vacuum component.

The hydro excavator vacuum truck is also used in digging holes and trenches in the ground to install or replace the pipelines and wiring. Sometimes, these vacuum trucks are used in sewage cleaning as they are more efficient and eco-friendly equipment.

2.   Dry Vacuum Truck

The other category is the dry vacuum truck. It is also very popular in different industries for performing multiple jobs. Unlike the hydro excavator vacuum truck, they do not use a pressurized water stream for breaking up the dirt and debris.

Dry vacuum trucks are mostly used in the cleaning of the street and road clearing projects. As they are more efficient doing the job with their dry vacuum suction ability. One should not be confused with its name that it only can collect dry substances. Instead, it can collect wet stuff as well. The name dry only means the waterless mood of operation.


Vacuum trucks are wonderful heavy equipment that is used in cleaning and clearing the ground. They work on the principle of vacuum suction and hydraulic system. The truck is attached with a collection tank at the back which collects all the debris and dirt without leaving anything behind. They are of two types, hydro excavator vacuum truck, and dry vacuum truck. They are more efficient and eco-friendly equipment.

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