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Twitter is banning alternative news site March Lyons for allegedly violating its rules against platform manipulation. The site, which has over a million followers, was known for sharing right-wing and conspiracy content. twitter alt marchlyons theverge

The decision to ban March Lyons comes as Twitter is facing increased pressure to crack down on misinformation and abusive behavior on its platform. In the past year, the company has made a number of changes to its policies and algorithms in an effort to address these problems. twitter alt marchlyons theverge

Twitter is introducing a new feature called “alt text” that will allow users to add descriptions of images for the visually impaired. The move comes after years of criticism from the disability community that Twitter is not accessible.

Alt text will appear in a box below an image when a user tweets it, and anyone can add a description. The feature is similar to Facebook’s “describe this photo” feature, which has been available since 2015.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter has over 320 million monthly active users and continues to grow. While the company is based in San Francisco, the majority of its users are located outside of the United States. In fact, 80% of Twitter users are based in countries other than the US. This international user base has led to the rise of the #TwitterAlt movement.

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