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The Top 5 Most Striking Patterned Tiles for Your Home

With pattern tiles, you can easily create a bold and energetic design scheme for your next home renovation! In your tiling scheme, you will be able to create patterns through the use of shape and colour choices for a stylish element which is bursting with character and charm. You can use pattern tiles in many different ways to create an interesting touch in your design scheme as part of your next home renovation, from feature walls and floors to splashbacks and more! 

Types of Patterned Tiles:

  • Scintilla Black Star Pattern Tiles
  • Ledbury Slate Grey Pattern Tiles
  • Majolica Bellflower Tiles
  • Zebra Tiles
  • Zeanah Tiles
  • Aurora Tiles
  • Classico Fleur Tiles
  • Ornato Bella Tiles
  • Crosshatch Sienna Tiles

Below you’ll find the top 5 most exciting and cheap patterned tiles for Your Home:

1. Pattern Tiles for Bathroom 

Adding patterned tiles to the bathroom is a sure-fire way to elevate your design by adding shape, colour and pattern to the space. You can use pattern tiles to create a stunning feature wall behind your vanity unit, bathtub or even in your shower for a splash of character and colour. Combining pattern tiles with solid-coloured wall tiles in the bathroom also provides an excellent way to create a strong sense of balance without overwhelming the eye.

2. Patterned Tiles for Floor

Consider encaustic tiles (also known as cement or concrete tiles) when choosing the perfect feature floor tile. In order to achieve the dusty colour schemes these tiles are known for, a cement mixture is mix with dyes to create a mix of cement dyes. This mixture is then poured into templates to form the patterns feature on these stylish tiles before drying. This results in a product that is hard-wearing and durable, designed to last a lifetime!

However, concrete is a porous material which can absorb liquids and powder spills. Specific sealers must use to protect your concrete tiles from discolouration and staining and to keep them looking their best! We can recommend the best sealing and cleaning products that will ensure that your tile installation will last as long as possible.

In the home, concrete floor tiles make for the perfect feature flooring due to their durability and longevity. They are the perfect choice for adding that designer touch to any home and can use to add a focal point to any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between.

3. Patterned Tiles Kitchen

When it comes to an affordable alternative option to the traditional concrete tiles, porcelain tiles provide a great alternative with additional benefits such as the elimination of the need for sealing throughout the lifetime of the tile. 

Porcelain tiles are a nearly non-porous material that can withstand heat, shock, scratching, as well as staining, making them a popular choice for areas like the kitchen where these features will be helpful.

In terms of tile-making technology, porcelain tiles can be created to mimic a wide range of textures. And materials, ranging from traditional concrete materials to marble, granite. And even timber, for a wonderful low-maintenance alternative choice for the home, especially in areas such as the kitchen splashback, where these natural materials are best avoided.

4. Patterned porcelain

The patterning of porcelain tiles, as demonstrated in the example above, offers the best simulation of traditional materials, which makes for more creative options for your kitchen splashback. It’s exciting to see that this collection allows for a wide range of designs to be achieved since the traditional patterns. And colour options of concrete tiles can now be introduced in a low-maintenance option that coincides perfectly with the design scheme of your new kitchen.

5. Concrete Tiles

For home use, concrete tiles and porcelain look-alikes are available in an array of exciting and bold patterns and colours. Both of these stylish tiling options can use as a floor or wall option on your next home renovation, allowing for a highly durable yet super stylish design choice for your interiors! 

To help you achieve that designer touch, we can recommend the best pattern tiles in either porcelain. Or traditional concrete materials to suit your needs, style and budget!

With all of these great tile ideas at your disposal, what start out as a simple bathroom remodel has now grown into a long list of home improvement projects you just can’t wait to get start on!


Our kitchens are one of the most loved rooms in the house, And with the right choice of floor tiles, they are just as loved as we are. The best tile for a kitchen floor is one that has a feel-good factor for the kitchen. Although longevity and ease of cleaning are important factors, choose a tile that is also attractive.

Knowing the types of tile and the best uses for tile will give you a hand up. When it comes to creating your ideal interior, whether you add a chic ceramic backsplash or an earthy granite floor tile.

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