1.HOUSEBOAT STAY:-And it is not just the summit ride in Dal Lake,it is one of the best offbeat things to do in Srinagar.Spending a night in a houseboat docked at Dal Lake Ghat is also one of the top things to do in Kashmir. Be it honeymooners,families or solo travelers; A night stay in a houseboat in Srinagar is something you simply cannot miss WiFi and airport transfer facility is available in the houseboat.You can also take advantage of the dining facilities provided by them.If you are here with your family,If you’re travelling with a group of friends or your sweetheart, a houseboat vacation in Jammu & Kashmir is ideal.

2.GONDOLA’ CABLE CAR RIDE:- For individuals of all ages, riding in a gondola cable car is one of the most exciting and interesting things to do in Kashmir.Tourists like to travel by cable car to obtain the best views of the snow-capped Alps. Taking a gondola ride in Kashmir in May is one of the nicest things to do because summer is winding down and the views are spectacular.

3.GULMARG GOLF CLUB:-This is one of the offbeat things to do in Jammu and Kashmir.Gulmarg Golf Club is reputed as one of the largest and highest 18-hole golf courses in the world.Golfing in this ‘Meadow of Flowers’ is one of Jammu and Kashmir’s most enjoyable pastimes.This location has a natural golf course where you can play while being surrounded by nature.

4.KASHMIRI CUISINE:-Like any other destination across the globe,trying the local cuisine is one of the most important things to do in Kashmir.We all have heard of Kashmiri Kahwa (tea) and Lamb Mutton Rogan Josh.But there are many more great dishes in the cuisine.These include nadru yakhni (curd based Kashmiri curry with lotus stem).Paneer chaman (fried cheese simmered in tomato sauce and flavored with spices and fennel powder),dum aloo,matsyagand (minced meatballs cooked in spicy red gravy),and gushtaba (fragranced curd) minced mutton cooked in ki gravy and spices).Paneer chaman (fried cheese simmered in tomato sauce and flavored with spices and fennel powder), dum aloo,matsyagand (minced meatballs cooked in spicy red gravy),and gushtaba (fragranced curd) minced mutton cooked in ki gravy and spices).

5.TOURIST ATTRACTIONS:-Be it a family tour, honeymoon or outing with friends,no one would want to miss out on the beautiful attractions of Kashmir.Among the various places to visit in Kashmir,Srinagar,Pahalgam,Gulmarg and Sonmarg are the most popular.Going to explore these cities is one of the most popular things to do in Kashmir

6.SHOPPING:-Shopping is one of the most common things to do in Kashmir.And no,I don’t just mean antiques and other souvenirs.Here tourists can shop for exquisite Kashmiri handlooms and pashmina shawls,ancient copper vessels like samovars,hand-woven carpets, local textiles called ferrins and the expensive Doda Sapphire.And then flowers,fruits and vegetables are sold on shikaras in Dal Lake. How you buy more than what you buy will be the reason for your enthusiasm here.

7.PONY RIDE EXCURSIONS:-Pony are a common mode of transport in the valleys of Kashmir.Taking a little pony ride in the beautiful valleys is another interesting thing to do in Kashmir.Pony rides are very popular in Pahalgam,Sonmarg,Yusmarg and Gulmarg.Pony riding is more common in places where transport cannot be motorized.Pony rides are a terrific opportunity to experience the actual life of Jammu & Kashmir.

8.OLD SRINAGAR HERITAGE WALK:-They say,walk more to know more.Same is the case with Srinagar. One of the nicest things to do in Srinagar is to go for a walk. The city has several structures that are over 400 years old and no less than a beautiful garden. it has an architecture that is influenced by 3 different styles and 3 different religions.Walking through the old city is one of the peaceful things to do in Kashmir.Visit amazing structures including the Jamia Masjid,which has 370 pillars made out of maple trees.Take a stroll through the streets of old Srinagar,which has old markets of spices,dry fruits and yarn.

WILDLIFE TOUR:-The snow-capped mountains and dense forests of Jammu and Kashmir are home to some of the most amazing and rare species of flora and fauna.Well protected within the boundaries of more than 7 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Jammu and Kashmir,you can visit any of these places including Hemis National Park,Kishtwar National Park,Dachigam National Park,Kazinag National Park and Salim Ali Can explore wildlife species. National Park.Snow leopard,musk deer, brown bear,marmot,red fox,Himalayan black bear, golden eagle,monal pheasant and griffon vulture are some of the rare species found in the region. You can also go for bird watching in one of the 24 wetlands of Jammu and Kashmir,home to more than 500 different bird species.The Gharana and Surinsar regions in Ladakh are ideal places for spotting migratory birds.You will find black-necked cranes,European blue whistling thrush vultures, falcons and bar-headed geese.

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