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Survival tips for new parents

New parents are in a daze. They are obsessed with their baby, their bundle of joy, yet they are full of fatigue and just want a break. And while the challenge of being a parent is worth it, it is by no means an easy ride.

The silver lining is that some things can make the survival less daunting, if not easy. Some survival tips that can help new parents include:

Ask the doctor

When in doubt, always ask your Pediatrician in Islamabad. Some parents might hesitate to ask for the fear of judgement, or they think the problem is trivial, but for the sake of your baby and your mental peace, just ask the expert.

Accepting help is okay

If someone if offering to help, take it. There is no need to appear unnecessarily strong. Everyone knows how tough being a new parent is, so be grateful for the gesture and take it.

Use the help to catch a breath and focus on your physical and mental health. Remember, parental burnout is real. And when you are exhausted, you will not be able to be a good parent as well. So, take the helping hand being offered to you.

Join support groups

Misery loves company, so do join support groups. And parental support groups are not only good for ranting, but you can also gain very useful information out of them as well. Ideally, join ones from your locality so they are more relevant to you.

People from support groups can also offer you immediate help if needed.

Be kinder to yourself

As a new parent still learning the ropes of the task, you are bound to make mistakes. But if you beat yourself over every single mistake that you make, chances are you will exhaust yourself. Your mental health will also not fare any better.

So, learn to be kind to yourself. It is completely fine to make a mistake; how else will you learn. Alongside kindness, also learn to forgive yourself. As long as you are sincere and genuinely trying, it will all work out!

Have faith in yourself

Just because you have screwed up or are struggling once does not mean that you are a horrible parent. Everyone has their learning curve. Believe in yourself, have faith that you are qualified to do this task and have realistic expectations from yourself.

Bond with the baby

Sure, the house needs cleaning, but the baby needs bonding. Therefore, do not feel guilty about just chilling out and playing with your baby when there are domestic chores to be done.

You are nurturing your baby, and that certainly is more important than crisp bed linens. And if you can afford to, then do not feel shy or guilty about getting help around the house.

Work on your relationship

Your relationship with your partner is bound to change, as there is a whole new dimension to it. So, work with your partner in learning your new role. Expect some roadblocks and take preemptive measures.

Alongside caring for the baby, also take out time for yourself and your partner. Remember, for to give your baby a healthy home environment, you need to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Do not be so strict

Some things the baby will also let you know. For example, you do not have to set their feeding and sleeping time to the dot. So, do not be rigid. Some things work out themselves.

It is okay to take the easy way out

Some parents feel guilty when they take the easy way out. This guilt is commonly associated with breastfeeding. A lot of the women cannot keep up because of their life demands, or simply because it is hard.

In such instances, rather than beating yourself about it, discuss the merits and demerits with your doctor at Kulsum International Hospital, and take the path that is good for the baby as well as convenient for you.

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