Make a Statement in these Stunning Western Duster Coats

Duster coats have come a long way since their inception. Initially, they were used by horsemen to protect their clothing from dust. Different materials were used to make the duster coat more protective from the rain in the rainy season. In the 19th & 20th centuries, men and women used to wear Duster Coats while driving or sitting in the motorcars with open shapes.

Dusters became popular in the late 20th century and became an essential part of Western wear. In cowboy movies & series, you will find various kinds of Western Duster Coats. They are gaining popularity among the masses, and lots of gents & ladies are opting for stylish western duster coats these days.

In this article, we will discuss some tips for style duster coats. We will also give brief details of some stylish duster coats William Jacket offers to its customers. We have a fantastic range of Mens duster coat and Womens duster coat. William Jacket also provides leather-made dusters in the leather duster coat category. Similarly, you can find duster coats according to the length in the long duster coat and duster trench coat collection.

How To Select The Perfect Duster Coat?

Follow these tips to get the best Duster Coat for yourself and make your statement.

Tip# 1: It is always recommended to select the duster coat according to your needs.

  • ·         For office wear, you need to have a professional look Duster Coat.
  • ·         If you are going to a beach, you can put up a shawl to add more fun.
  • ·         In warmer days, you can go for a sleeveless duster.

Tip# 2: Always choose a material that is suitable for the season

  • Choose the Duster coat material wisely. It should be appropriate for the season.
  • Select a warmer or thicker material for cold weather.
  •  During summer, you can go for silk and light knit fabric materials.
  •  Polyester and fur are best choices for winter.
  • Linen and cotton are recommended for the summer.
Hellboy 2 The Golden Army Duster Coat

Tip# 3: Check for the Length of the Duster Coats

  •  Do not go for extra lengthy Duster Coat
  • If the coat is swiping the floor, get it hemmed.
  •  Ladies can wear heels to adjust the length of the Coat.

Tip# 4: Always check the fitting to get the perfect body shape

  • Go for duster that are slightly fit on your waistline
  • Fitted Duster will boost your looks by enhancing your figure and body shape.

Tip# 5: Have a neutral color duster

  • Neutral color will match most of your outfits.
  • Black, Gray or cream color are the best ones.
  • You can match them with red, blue or green color as per your choice and mood.

Now, we will take a brief look at some classy duster coats from William Jacket.

The Matrix Keanu Reeves Black Leather Duster Coat

Matrix’s first movie was released back in 1999. It has been 23 years passed. Still, matrix fans remember the Keanu Reeves Movie The Matrix Neo Black Real Leather Duster Coat from the movie. It can be termed as an ideal Mens Duster Coat. this duster coat was worn by the lead actor Keanu Reeves.

It is a stylish coat and has some great design details. It is made of Real Leather. Moreover, it has shirt style collar, open style closure, and open hem cuffs. Its black color looks very stylish. You can wear it in all black mode. Black tee-shirt and black jeans with long black boots can make an ideal combination with this Matrix coat.

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal Beige Duster Coat

Ladies can opt for this stylish Sienna Miller TV Series Anatomy of a Scandal Sophie Whitehouse Beige Duster Cotton Coat. It is an ideal Women Duster Coat. The coat was worn by the beautiful actress Sienna Miller in the TV Series, Anatomy of a Scandal. This is the story of a Parliamentary minister James Whitehouse, a happily married man, and then a scandal comes into the limelight.

This duster coat has some delightful specifications. It is made up of cotton, making it wearable throughout the year. The coat has a fitted waistline that will give your body an excellent shape.

It has open-hem cuffs and a turn-down style collar. Also, It can be wearable with any long skirt. Long boots can be added for a perfect look.

The Gentlemen Henry Golding Brown Long Trench Coat

If you are fond of trench coats, William Jacket has brought this Henry Golding Film The Gentlemen Dry Eye Brown Long Wool Trench Coat. The actor Henry Golding wore this stylish trench coat in the movie The Gentlemen.

It has ideal specifications. It is made up of Wool-blend. Moreover, it has multiple pockets, double-breasted buttoned closure, and open hem cuffs. You can pair it with a lovely cardigan, pants, and formal shoes for a perfect combination.

Deadwind Sofia Karppi Brown Long Trench Coat

We have this stunning Pihla Viitala TV Series Deadwind Sofia Karppi Brown Long Trench Coat for ladies. Actress Phila Vitala wore this long trench coat in the TV series Deadwind. It is a wool blended coat that will give warm vibes and feel. Moreover, it has multiple pockets, lapel style collar, dual zipper, and button closure.

It is a classy coat and is trending in the fashion scene. It can be wearable with a black top & long skirt. You can choose long boots for the ideal combination. This long trench coat is available at William Jacket for its customers. You can quickly grab your desired stuff.

The Gentlemen Charlie Hunnam Long Trench Coat

In Men’s trench coat category William Jacket has this classy Charlie Hunnam Film The Gentlemen Ray Black Long Cotton Trench Coat. It is the perfect attire worn by the actor Charlie Hunnam in the movie The Gentlemen. He looked elegant and stylish in this fabulous coat.

The coat has some catchy design details, making it a unique item. This is made up of cotton, making it wearable throughout the year. Moreover, it has full-length sleeves, buttoned closure, buttoned cuffs, and shirt style collar. All attributes make it an ideal Duster Trench Coat.

This trench coat can be wearable with full sleeves shirt in a light shade that will enhance the outlook of the coat. Furthermore, you can have your pant or denim underneath. Don’t forget your glasses and formal shoes for the perfect combination.


These are some of the outfits we have discussed from the William Jacket’s latest collection of Duster Coats. For details of more outfits, you can visit our online shopping store. No doubt, this is the ultimate shopping destination for all esteemed customers.

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