Some amazing and stunning ideas for Wedding Stage Decoration

Wedding means lots of work to do from preparing the guest list to decorating the wedding hall,everything is a big responsibility. And wedding stage decoration is one of them. Wedding stage is a more attractive and interesting place  because the bride and groom take pictures with their friends, family and relatives on this stage. Not only clicking pictures, but also meet and greets happen on these stages. So the wedding stage should be attractive and unique. 

In this article, I will give you some beautiful and marvellous wedding stage decoration ideas which catches guest’s attention-

  • Wedding stage decoration with Golden theme
  • Wedding Stage decoration with Floral theme
  • Wedding stage decoration with  glossy drapes and sparkle 
  • Wedding stage decoration with purple theme
  • Wedding  stage decoration with lanterns and fairy lights 
  • Wedding stage decoration with DIY paper made doll theme

              1- Wedding stage decoration with Golden theme-

               For any decorations the first thing comes into our mind that the decoration will be brightening. And golden is not only the bright colour but it also looks very glamorous. When you decorate the whole stage with the colour of golden then it will definitely help you to take a gorgeous picture and make the wedding stage a lovely look. Surely  everyone notices the stage.

             2- Wedding stage decoration with Floral theme-

             Flowers always give a fresh and beautiful vibe. And flowers are those elements which are needed on every occasion. Weddings are one of them. But it will be your choice whether you can use fresh flowers or artificial plastic flowers. I personally choose red roses for the wedding stage decoration. Also you can try with multiple colours of flower. This decoration makes the stage fantastic and mind- blowing.Not only the stage, the couple also feel very fresh. Through these floral decorations the whole wedding spread positivity.

           3- Wedding stage decoration with glossy drapes and sparkle-

           Drapes are very common decoration items. But you can decorate the wedding stage with drapes in a unique style. Cover the whole stage with glossy dupattas and spread some sparkle on it. People never thought of this decoration idea.So that’s why this decoration makes the wedding stage a special and unique one.

           4- Wedding stage decoration with purple theme-

           Purple is a very bright and lovely colour. You can decorate your wedding stage with the colour of purple.  Not only the wedding stage but you can also use this as your wedding theme. If the bride and groom and also their family wear the purple outfits then this will be a perfect decoration. This idea is my personally favourite choice. 

           5- Wedding stage decoration with lanterns and fairy lights-

            Without lights any function is incomplete.  But if the light should be attractive then the decoration takes place on another level.  Whatever theme you will use for your wedding stage decoration, add lanterns or you can use a plastic bottle and put a twinkling light in it,hang them, otherwise cover the whole stage with fairy lights. Surely everyone loves it. It also looks stunning.

           6- Wedding stage decoration with DIY paper made doll theme-

        Every girl loves to play with dolls. From childhood days,girls thought their dolls were her child.So on her special day give a surprise to  decorate the wedding  stage with a DIY paper made doll theme. Create some little dolls and hang them. This decoration not only gives a smile on your daughter’s face but also it will be a unique decoration. 

These 6 are the unique and creative wedding stage decoration ideas. I hope through my article you will give some ideas and apply to decorate your wedding stage.

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