Short-run Packaging Vs Long-run Packaging

Various brands in the market are looking for quality and cost adequate packaging for their products. There are two significant types of custom packaging in the packaging industry. One of short-run packaging and the other is long-run packaging. Small and medium-sized businesses usually prefer Short-run packaging. Short-run packaging consists of orders ranging from 50 to 100 boxes.

Bigger firms and enterprises use Long-run packaging, and the long-run packaging orders consist of 10,000 and more boxes. Choosing the right packaging for your products can be a crucial decision because it can help you increase your revenue and save the cost of production. In this guide, we look at why short term packaging is better than long term packaging and why it is suitable for your business to adopt short run packaging instead of long run packaging.

Why Short Term Packaging Better Than Long-Run Packaging

Costs less than ordering in bulk

For small business owners, short-run packaging is beneficial because it saves costs on boxes’ production. They don’t have to order the boxes in bulk and can order the amount they need for their products. The cheap custom boxes are available at affordable prices and can be manufactured as per the business’s needs. 

Long run packaging is only suitable for brands that have a huge sale. Even for such brands ordering in bulk puts them at risk because they might not need so many boxes for packaging a particular product in the future. The market is unstable, and with new brands launching every day, you don’t know when your products will stop selling in large quantities. Ordering packaging boxes in bulk might be a waste of money for companies.

Lowers risks for small businesses

Small businesses cannot invest a lot of money on their packaging. Their budget is not that huge, and they cannot afford to spend a lot of money only on the packaging. TheCustom Boxes is an ideal box manufacturing company that allows small companies to order the packaging boxes at affordable prices. Long run packaging can also increase losses because the boxes stored in the inventory can get damaged. The fewer boxes you have in your inventory, the risk would be lower for your small business. Ordering small batches of boxes can also reduce losses because there are chances of human error in the packaging business. There are chances that you order 5000 boxes, and they turn out to be not suitable for your products.

Offers flexibility for personalized packaging

Short-run packaging provides business owners with flexibility so they can personalize their packaging design frequently. It is very suitable for small businesses or startups that don’t have a big budget. Customized packaging will no doubt improve the image of the brand. With the shorter print run, it will be easy to test different packaging designs and choose the one that goes well with your branding. You also have an idea of which packaging idea gets positive feedback from the targeted customers. 

It will be easy to find the box manufacturers near me if you search for the local companies in your area. Choosing a reliable one can turn out to be useful. With the long-run packaging, the brand owners will not have the opportunity or flexibility to try out different packaging versions. You also cannot use the packaging design to perform market research, which is a significant disadvantage.

Provides a faster turnaround

Short-run packaging will no doubt have a faster turnaround as compared to long-run packaging. You have the option to order for smaller quantities or batches simultaneously. If you have a large print run, it will become nearly impossible to get all the products delivered to your location within a short time. The advantage of short-run packaging is that you can place a last-minute order that may be required for an urgent promotional activity. 

Custom printed shipping boxes with help prominent brands ship their products to distant locations without any worries. The products will remain safe and protected. Even when you are launching a new product, you can feel at ease that the manufacturing company can efficiently deal with the last-minute orders. Whenever you require a new batch of packaging, you can order it anytime you want. Custom boxes made of durable materials are the most economical.

Helps with Promotions or Product launches

One of the most significant advantages of short-run packaging is that you can try out different packaging designs for small promotions or product launches. Every time you have a new product to launch or handle a promotional event, you can choose a unique and attractive packaging design. When the products are found with different packaging, many new customers will be attracted to the brand. The packaging isn’t beneficial for such purposes as you have a fixed packaging design in the long run. If it doesn’t work, the extra packaging will probably go to waste. Custom printing-packaging can increase sales in no time, and you can experiment a lot. If the packaging designs are economical the small businesses can earn a lot of profit through sales.

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