Role of Family Law Solicitors Blackburn and Different Aspects of Family Law

In simple words, family law refers to the matters related to the family. Family law is actually a legal practice area. Family law solicitors Blackburn are trained to deal with various familial issues such as marital problems, adoption issues, divorce, child custody, and so on. These solicitors generally take up cases to represent their clients in the family court before the judge. Let’s take a look at the important aspects of family law.

  • Marital property- When couples go for divorce, it is obvious that the property which was part of their marriage will be divided equally among the two adults. Conveyancing support is also provided by the family Law solicitors Blackburn.
  • Paternity – It also falls under the jurisdiction of family law, to confirm the identity of the biological father of a child. This way, there can’t be any false claim regarding the custody of the child.
  • Alimony- Here, the family law solicitor negotiates well for the alimony which will be provided by one spouse to another post the divorce settlement. 
  • Prenuptial agreement-The family Law solicitors also deal with the prenuptial agreements as well. In this process, the spouse willingly gives up the rights to the property of his or her spouse in case of divorce or death.

What is the role of family solicitors in modern-day cases?

Due to emotional distress, long-term fights, incompatibility, the difference of opinions, lack of intimacy et cetera marriages break down. During this time, the couples seek legal advice from family law solicitors who can help them throughout the legal proceedings of the divorce. Let’s take a look at the top roles played by the family law solicitors Blackburn.

  • Children- Believe it or not, a broken family affects children the most. The family law solicitors do their best to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the children. If required, these solicitors arrange for a contacts order, joint residence orders et cetera.
  • Cohabitation- The cohabitation and the issues regarding it fall under the jurisdiction of family law. The solicitors Darwen will ensure that the couples have a legal entitlement for sharing the joint assets even if their relationship breaks down. This legal entitlement is applicable for cohabitation where the couples live in together without getting married.
  • Divorce proceedings- Mostly people come to the family law solicitors seeking help in their divorce case. These advocates would present their clients before the judge during the legal proceedings of divorce while maintaining the interest of the client. This solicitor also plays a major role in alimony, property settlement, child custody, and so on.
  • Family mediation- If there is any long-term family issue such as a problem with the in-laws, issues regarding property settlement et cetera, the family law solicitors play a significant role in the family mediation. They negotiate on behalf of the client and resolve the issues for good.
  • Domestic violence- The family law solicitors take the report against domestic violence quite seriously and if requested, they take legal steps to protect their clients and their family. Although, domestic violence is relatively a rare occurrence in the United Kingdom.

Now that, you have a clear idea about the role of family law solicitors, you should talk to them if you consider yourself amidst any such issues that require the help of the family court in the UK. Hire your solicitors from reputed agencies. They will offer you fixed packages that will fit your budget.  

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