How to Fix The Outlook Attachment Not Showing Issue? | Instant Solution

At times, you may have experienced an issue with outlook attachments. Your co-worker may have faced the same trouble. Is it the outlook attachment not showing? Well, many users complained about it. No worries! If you’re having problems with the error, this guide is for you. 

Here, you’ll learn, why your outlook attachment is not showing? And how to fix it? 

Find The Cause Of Missing Outlook Attachments

If your Outlook attachment is not showing, there may be a problem with the app. Regardless, there could be a variety of reasons; here are a few:

  • An issue with an antivirus program
  • The particular sender is blocked
  • Weak or overloaded internet connection
  • Misconfigured outlook settings
  • Email is not synchronizing with the app

How to Fix Outlook Not Showing Attachment Issue ?

  1. First, reload the outlook app on your system. For that close outlook and again launch it. This will force the program to re-download the file from the server. 
  2. Verify your internet connection: If you can see the text of an email but the outlook attachment is not showing; check your internet status. When the internet connection is weak or not working, it won’t download the attachment. 
  3. Verify with the sender: It so happened that the sender has not attached the file properly. Or they may have attached a corrupted file or forgotten to upload it. 
  4. Use The paperclip icon: If you’re confused about attaching a file, see the paperclip icon. It is on the bottom of the email box, tap on it. From here, browse the file you want to attach and select it. 
  5. The issue of outlook attachment not showing may occur when composing a reply. In that case, you can use the pop-out option to see the file. This will allow you to access the email and attachment in separate windows. 
  6. Enable the show all option: Can’t you see all images in the mail? If that is the case, you need to enable the show all options in outlook. You can find this option on your mail just below the images as “show all attachments”, tap on it.
  7. Temporarily disable your antivirus program: Sometimes, the antivirus programs prevent the email client from loading attachments. This is a good feature as it’s very common to get malware attachments or viruses through attachments. Hence, you can disable it for some time to download the attachment.
  8. Change the file extension: Check your file extension. If it contains an executable (exe) extension, MS outlook may block it. Therefore, you can change the file extension and try again. 
  9. Security settings at the workplace: If you’re accessing the outlook account in a workplace, the security settings may prevent it.Hence, the outlook is not showing attachment. For that, you can request the admin to change the settings and try again. 

Final thought: 

We hope these tips to resolve outlook attachment not showing helped you. However, you can try an alternative such as Skype or Whatsapp to send the file attachment. Moreover, if you still want to use the email app and the error persists, contact us. You can call us, chat with us or drop your query on our email. We are available 24×7 for help!

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