The Benefits of Reading to Your Kids

Reading to your kids at an early age has so many benefits that it’s hard to believe most parents don’t do it on a regular basis. Reading can help foster confidence, critical thinking skills, and strong communication skills in your child, while also boosting their vocabulary. When you read to your children, you give them a gift that will last them forever! Here are the top five benefits of reading to your kids!

Learning new words

One great way to keep your child’s vocabulary growing is by reading aloud with them. Studies have shown that children who hear and repeat new words from an early age score higher on standardized tests, have a larger overall vocabulary and have better test scores in general throughout their school years. Read aloud even when your kids are older: There are still benefits! Research has also found that as adults, those who were read to more as children were more likely to be more empathetic people and had a larger social network.

Improving vocabulary

One very important benefit is that reading helps develop kids’ vocabulary. Through reading children are exposed to thousands of new words and concepts every year. Children’s books help prepare them for school by increasing their comfort level with words, spelling, and pronunciation. The more you read with your child, the better prepared they will be for school and life in general.

Developing imagination and creativity

Whether you choose a children’s book or a classic novel, reading aloud gives your child’s imagination plenty of room to run wild. From characters who are dragons or spacemen and worlds filled with magic, fairies and princesses, kids who enjoy being read to can expand their creative limits in ways that adults might not even imagine. Consider classic tales such as Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.

Interacting with children

Taking part in fun reading activities with your kids is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. Not only can reading be lots of fun, but it can also help kids develop important skills—like language development, literacy, and imagination. Read on for tips on choosing books that will spark creativity and critical thinking skills.

Building confidence in a child

The key benefit of reading to your child is that it helps foster a love for books and reading. If kids aren’t exposed early on, they can become less interested in books and reading later on in life. The sooner you start building a foundation for lifelong readers, the better! Let them hear how much fun you have when you read a book and let them join in with what interests them.

Reading makes you smarter

Studies have shown that reading increases intelligence and makes you more successful in life. It expands your vocabulary, builds empathy, and is a great bonding activity with your children. Let’s face it: kids love books! And why wouldn’t they? Books are entertaining, educational, and portable; what more could you ask for? Children love being read to by their parents or other loved ones; as parents and caregivers, we should never forget how important these first few years are for growing minds.

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