Please Read to Know About Heated Tobacco Products

Heat-not-burn devices heat rather than burn tobacco. As a result, it isna tobacco sensation without the ash, fire, or smoke associated with cigarettes.

A heating source is present in all heat-not-burn devices. Some heat-not-burn products are electronic, but not all, and the temperature at which the tobacco will be heated may vary from one product to another. The fact that heat-not-burn materials do not attain the high temperatures at which tobacco is burned is crucial.  

Under the IQOS brand, Philip Morris International has developed and manufactured a number of HTPs (Heated Tobacco Products). PMI’s HTPs, also called tobacco heating systems or heat-not-burn products, were first introduced in Japan in the year 2016 and are now available in 69 different markets around the world.

PMI says that 12.7 million tobacco users have already stopped smoking after switching to their IQOS HTPs. From the website of you can place an order for the various smoking-related products available. It is quite easy. All that you need to do is add the products that you like at the online store to your cart. 

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Any cigarettes will burn tobacco at very high heat, resulting in ash, smoke, and tar laden with toxic compounds. However, HTPs heat tobacco of PMI to far lower temperatures by not burning it, resulting in no ash, fire, or smoke. 

When compared to any cigarette smoke, the average quantities of hazardous compounds are substantially lower since the tobacco will be heated rather than burned. However, HTPs of PMI is not without risk, as they include nicotine, which is highly addictive.

What are the main differences in heat-not-burn devices? 

These heat-not-burn devices are so named because they heat tobacco rather than burn it. The complex electronics that heat specifically tailored tobacco sticks are at the core of the IQOS heat-not-burn gadgets. 

Because IQOS heat-not-burn gadgets are battery-powered, they must be charged on a regular basis, just like a smartphone. A cigarette stick is placed into the IQOS heat-not-burn gadget once it is ready. 

An IQOS legal user can inhale the vapour generated after pressing a button to start the process of heating. The used tobacco cigarette can be withdrawn from the gadget and thrown away once the session is done.  

IQOS emits 95 percent fewer hazardous chemicals than cigarettes because the tobacco will be heated rather than burned. Important note: This does not always imply a 95 percent reduction in risk rather IQOS is also not without risk.

When compared to the smoking of a certain reference cigarette, 95 percent less represents a typical decrease in the level of a variety of hazardous substances (excluding nicotine) (3R4F).

The best of this IQOS technology 

From concept to reality, every aspect of IQOS is meticulously created. The product’s heart is IQOS Heat Control Technology. It was created in Switzerland and is accountable for heating tobacco to precise temperatures of up to 3500C without burning it.

The platinum and gold tracks on the ceramic blade inside IQOS heat the tobacco present inside the stick. Adult IQOS users can get the experience of real tobacco in a tobacco stick, without the smoke, ash, or odour of cigarettes. 

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