Top 7 Online Tutorial Platforms For Computer Science Students

The pandemic has catalyzed the digital transformation throughout the world. This shift to the new “virtual world” has led to a greater need for technology. Whether it’s about purchasing goods or consulting with a doctor, people prefer to do it online or rather via apps. This increased dependence on technology has highlighted the value of computer science majors in the current job market. The average projection of salary for computer science graduates in computer science, software applications, and information science jumped 7.1%, 7.1%, and 6.8%, respectively, in 2021. Thus, if you are planning to get a degree in computer science, it might be one of the best decisions for your life. Relevant reference: Assignment help

Here are the top seven online tutorial platforms for computer science students. Whether you want to explore a specific topic or advance your career, these platforms will come in handy.


It consists of real academic courses from real universities and professors. The courses are flexible, meaning you can attend the classes and submit your assignments at your convenience. The professors make the classes interactive, fun, and effective by uploading relevant videos, assigning and grading quizzes, and allotting academic assignments. After you have completed the course, this platform offers you accredited online degrees that are considered as valuable as traditional academic degrees.

What about the price?

Course fees are comparatively lower than that of a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. For instance, if you want to pursue a course on Python, the one-time charge would be around $282.38. Similarly, if you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the same, the total cost would be £10,693 – £15,990.

Popular courses in computer science on Coursera:

  • Software development
  • Design and product
  • Mobile and web development
  • Algorithms
  • Computer security and networks


You will find thousands of courses related to computer science on Udemy. Instructors can make the classes interesting by designing multimedia lectures with relevant audio, text elements, video, quizzes, flashcards, etc. This platform also lets you preview the classes you are interested in. this can help you decide whether you really want that class or not. It also offers a 30-day refund policy if you are not happy with the course.

What about the price?

Well, each class in Udemy is created individually. So, the prices may differ depending on the number of lessons in the computer science course you are interested in. For instance, the programme cost of “Computer Science 101” is $6 whereas other courses in the same field may range from $77 to $200 as well.

Popular courses in computer science on Udemy:

  • Computer Science 101
  • Operating systems from scratch
  • CS101 Bootcamp
  • Binary: The foundation of all computing


Initially founded in MIT and Harvard, EdX is a highly trusted online tutorial platform for any subject, including computer science. Like Coursera, EdX covers a wide array of topics, and unlike Coursera, most of the programs may lean towards STEM fields. You can earn professional degree certificates along with micro-degree programs at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The classes are similar to the offline courses. Instructors use reading material, lecture notes, quizzes, etc., to explain a particular topic.

What about the price?

Some of the computer science programs are free, especially if you don’t want a professional certificate at the end of the tutorial. However, the programs may cost around $49 per class if you wish to earn a formal certificate at the end of the program.

Popular courses in computer science on EdX:

  • Computer science for web programming
  • Computer science for artificial intelligence
  • Fundamentals of computer science
  • Computer science for game development
  • Pluralsight

The beginner-friendly computer science courses make this platform an absolute hit among students who are interested in pursuing a degree in this field. The courses are personalized and organized to enhance your learning experience. There are quizzes and tests to weigh your skills and knowledge. You can also participate in coding projects, webinars, etc., to enrich your knowledge in computer science.


What about the price?

The best thing about Pluralsight is that the course fee is the same for all programs. You have to pay around $29 a month for a personal plan. However, if you want to pay for an entire year, the cost is $299. You can also opt for a premium option that allows you to pay $499 per year and enjoy a wide array of courses, industry-standard practise exams and other features.

Popular courses in computer science on Pluralsight:

  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
  • Data Science Literacy
  • Implementing data science workflow in Microsoft Azure
  • Data Science with Microsoft Azure


Udacity is primarily based on the “coding Bootcamp” style of learning. The programs on this platform focus on web development, data science, programming, and cloud computing. Whether you are a beginner trying to explore a certain topic or an experienced professional willing to expand your language in computer science, Udacity has all sorts of courses for you. Each computer science-related program consists of hands-on practice sets, individual code reviews, career coaches, real instructors, and real-world applications and examples.

What about the price?

It is comparatively the most expensive online tutorial platform for computer science students. The monthly price is almost $399 and the quarterly payment is about $597.

Popular courses in computer science on Udacity:

  • Programming
  • Business
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Product management


The computer science courses in Skillshare focus on improving your practical skills related to this field. The lessons are less formal so that you can apply whatever you learn in the real-world projects out there. Most courses consist of a series of video tutorials that are also combined with assignments to help students practice their skills.

What about the price?

Unlike other platforms, Skillshare consists of a subscription model where students can conduct as many courses as they want. Currently, the subscription model starts from $32 per month. However, it becomes $168 if you wish to pay for a year upfront.

Popular courses in computer science on Skillshare:

  • Basics of computer science
  • Data structures (Java)
  • Intro to sets
  • Python programming basics
  • Dynamic programming


Computer science students can expand their knowledge and skills related to coding and programming. There are a wide array of classes, online tutorials, and online resources for students as well as professionals in this field. The expense is minimal, but this platform plays an integral role in strengthening your knowledge in related topics of computer science.

What about the prices?

There are two types of pricing models on Codeacademy- for students and for individuals. Eligible college students can gain access to the interactive curriculum at a discount of more than 35% on the regular price with your student membership.

Popular courses in computer science on Codeacademy:

  • Front-end engineer
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Web development
  • Data Science

Wrapping Up,

Computer science has a gamut of career opportunities for students even if you have only a diploma or Bachelor’s degree in this field. There is always room for improving and learning in computer science. The list of platforms mentioned above can help you acquire a reputed degree in computer science or its related fields. These platforms can also help you advance your knowledge and skills for better scope in the future. You may need assistance such as computer network assignment help to get these courses done efficiently.

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