Lopez Obrador inaugurates Mexico’s latest international airport.

The latest airport is one of four primary schemes Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is running; in 2024 to conclude before his tenure ends.

To serve Mexico City, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador inaugurated a new airport after he scrapped a separate partly built, in a hallmark move more than three years multibillion-dollar construction project that he stated was a symbol of corruption by the previous rule.

A handful of flights took off from the Felipe Angeles International Airport as Lopez Obrador was on hand north of the capital on Monday for its official opening. It starts processes without a parade junction, which is due to be willing next year.

Lopez Obrador squealed as the first flight took off Monday and stated that Mission accomplished.

The airport, built on the site of a former military airbase by Lopez Obrador to be launched, is the first of the major infrastructure projects planned at the current Mexico City hub and is aimed at easing congestion that lies roughly 45kms towards the south.

He held his regular morning news conference earlier on Monday and quickly rounded; on critics who had questioned at the airport whether it would be complete.

Lopez Obrador stated that this work was done, despite antagonism from vested goods and people who expected us sick”.

The new airport is one of four keystone projects to finish before his term ends; Lopez Obrador is racing in 2024. In the Yucatan Peninsula, the president is also planning; to unveil an oil refinery, a tourist train, and a train linking the Gulf Coast and Pacific seaports. Mexican presidents can serve one six-year term according to law. More details

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