Know the right time for planting specific trees

Fall is around the corner! It’s time to prepare the seeds and bulbs for planting! Are you dying to start a landscaping project? Now is the time to buy plants online. As the snow begins to melt, the rain goes away, and the sun rises behind the clouds, you know fall is coming. Garden Winds has some gardening and landscaping tools to help you get started on your outdoor project.


Voted one of the top ten gardening products by the major metropolitan newspaper, this garden cart is in its own league. Unlike other wheelbarrow rows available on the market, Wheel check’s unique, soft-sided canvas bar lays flat on the ground. All your plants online do is sweep, rack, roll, slide or pull dirt, grass or leaves directly onto the canvas barrow. The great thing about this is that there is no need to lift heavy or awkward! It has a carrying capacity of about 350lbs, and folds for easy and compact storage. The low center of gravity and self-centered design make the cradle stable and difficult to handle and load. Its ergonomics design reduces stress and impact on the lower body, especially on the lower back.


If you have trouble getting into the garden on your knees, the gardener is a useful tool where you can sit and use all your tools. This is a polyester folding chair with steel frame. This compact bag / chair comes with five popular garden tools and a detachable storage section. This innovative item is perfect for any landscaping project. With a sturdy chair and durable bags and equipment, the gardener will become a favorite for those with green toes. Detachable bags allow for a variety of uses, and create a convenient storage compartment if needed. Includes: 1 trowel, 1 spade, 1 weedier, 1 hand hold rack and 1 garden fork.

Garden Metro Basket

This simple, portable basket is the perfect companion for any nature lover. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pull and remove. The basket has an aluminum frame and is made of a strong polyvinyl fabric, stain resistant and durable. It is suitable for carrying plants and flowers ready for planting. The Garden Metro Basket consists of three garden tools with wooden handles (fork, trowel and cultivator), and has a water resistant base.

Herbal plants

Not sure what vegetables or flowers you planted? Make it easy to identify your growing garden by labelling it with plant tags. Soft rubber tags are weather-durable and UV treated for year-round use. The tags are printed pads with herbal and herbal pictures designed by the artist. Just use the gel ink ball point pen to mark your favorite card!

Garden ladder

If the knees (and the whole body) are constantly affected by the knees on the ground while working in the yard, a garden ladder may be the best solution that makes outdoor work safer and easier. It has a chair on four wheels, and its 360-degree swivel base allows for complete freedom of movement. Large, heavy tires make it ideal for rough and tough outdoor terrain as you enjoy pruning, harvesting or planting. Equipment and supplies are within close reach, with a simple built-in storage shelf just below the seat. A garden ladder in your tool shed will make your gardening tasks easier and pain free!

Conservatory greenhouse

A greenhouse is a building or structure where plants and garden are grown. Its walls and ceilings are mostly made of glass or plastic. The incoming rays of the sun heat the greenhouse, heat the plants, the soil and other things can quickly get out of the house from the heat. Hot air and heat from the heated interior surfaces are retained through the roof and wall inside the building. Greenhouses range from small sheds to large, conservatory-sized buildings.

Attempts to classify different types of plants date back to pre-historic times, according to evidence found in the caves of Lascox in Dordogne, France. This date is 18,000 BC. We can only assume that man has always sought the knowledge of plants and is interested in its cultivation, except for the simple interest in plants for food.

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