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In recent years, the data analytics company Palantir has come under fire for its work with governments and law enforcement agencies. In light of these criticisms, Palantir has been expanding its operations into Europe, where it has faced opposition from privacy advocates. This article will investigate Palantir’s work in Europe and the backlash it has received from privacy groups. investigation palantir europe palantir

In the wake of recent data privacy scandals, Palantir has come under fire for its role in providing software that helps government agencies collect and analyze citizens’ personal data. The company has been particularly controversial in Europe, where it has been accused of helping governments target ethnic minorities and immigrants. investigation palantir europe palantir

Now, a new investigation by Palantir Watch, a European watchdog group, has revealed that the company may have played an even more direct role in human rights abuses in the region.

An American software company is facing scrutiny in Europe after it was revealed that the firm has been providing data to European Union institutions without a contract. Palantir Technologies has been supplying the EU with information since 2010, but it only recently came to light that the company has not been subject to any formal tendering process. This has led to concerns about how the company’s data is being used and whether it is being given preferential treatment.

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