How to Win an Online Free Poker Game in 10 easy steps

Basic poker strategy can be learned by anyone, but if you’re new to playing online free poker, there is a little more to learn. In this post, we will learn how to ace every poker game. You can get ahead by using these easy poker betting techniques, but you must understand the game’s basic structure before that. With that in mind, here are the top ten online poker tips to better your game and win at poker more consistently.

1. Learn How to Play Online Poker 

Live poker and online poker are wildly different. Your first few games will be spent understanding some of the features specific to online poker, such as the time-bank tool. Having a predetermined amount of time to play can be a considerable adjustment for live players. Most people are shocked at how fast the game proceeds. Online poker players can expect more than twice as many poker hands per hour, and there’s little time to recover before the next one is dealt.

2. Understand the Basics

While poker can be played in a variety of ways, a player who understands the poker hand values and betting principles can play any type of poker game with ease. The different poker hand combinations range from five of a kind (the best) to no pair or nothing (the lowest).

Here are the most common values you should be familiar with.

  • Five of a Kind
  • Straight Flush 
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House 
  • Flush 
  • Straight 
  • Three of a Kind 
  • Two Pairs 
  • One Pair 
  • No Pair 

3. Learn to Bluff  

The greatest players wouldn’t win nearly as many pots if they didn’t bluff. Because you will frequently miss the flip or turn, learning to bluff is an excellent technique to get players to fold. It is the biggest difference between when you play poker and when you play rummy. With rummy, skill is your saving grace, but with poker, the hand you are dealt, your bluffing skills, and pure chance can be a game-changer. Bluff only when you know you are good at it or do not bluff at all.

4. Start low

Starting from the bottom allows you to play against the weakest players and learn the game rather than contributing to those who are now much better. Furthermore, this strategy will enable you to see the big picture. You get a sense of how the entire game will unfold. You’ll know what situations to play and what poker hands to play. This way, you’ll be able to put everything into practice at an online poker game.

5. Less is More

If you believe that any hand can make you a winner, you’re on your way to making a mistake. Newbies frequently make the mistake of not being cautious enough with their initial poker hands. Without a doubt, some hands and casino bonus can help you win, but you must equally recognize that some hands can also cause you to lose at online free poker

6. Protect your Blinds

The basic poker strategy is used to prescribe that you fold the majority of your hands in the small and big blinds. The popular method is to guard your blinds. You’ve already paid an enforced bet if you’re in the large blind. You’re also not the first to act when the flop is released. The post-flop betting is the key to the answer. You’re the last one to act in the huge blind. You can raise, call a raise, or simply check to see if anyone has raised before the flop.

7. Choose a Good Table Position

Unlike when you play rummy, your position is critical to winning gambling games. Later positions pay out more, so aim to play more hands from there. From early situations, play very tight, then spread as you get closer to the Button and try to steal more pots there. Button (BTN) is by far the most profitable position in poker, and you can play significantly more hands from there than from any other position. 

  • Big Blind – (BB) 
  • Small Blind – (SB) 
  • Button – (BTN)
  • Cutoff – (CO) 
  • Hijack – (HJ) 
  • Lojack – (LJ) 
  • Middle Position (MP1) aka UTG+2 
  • Under the Gun (UTG+1) 
  • Under the Gun (UTG)

8. Be Consistent

Another vital aspect of being a great poker player is to use a winning approach consistently. It is not acceptable to abruptly change things up simply because you are bored or upset. All of your years of learning, experience, and research have culminated in a body of knowledge that teaches you how to play poker. Therefore, be consistent with your methodologies and review your strategy consistently.


The best way to start playing poker seriously is to play an online free poker game. Before you go all in, it’s critical to understand patterns and poker regulations. No matter how they feel or what their recent results have been, the top poker players, those who know how to win in poker, use the same winning technique over and over again. So, stay true to your strategy. Keep the improvising to a minimum, and you are all set to win casino bonus online. Remember, you win some, and you lose some.

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