How to prepare a wedding on a yacht in Dubai?

No doubt, Dubai offers the perfect venues for weddings in iconic buildings and stunning scenery forming a fantastic backdrop for your wedding pictures. If you are looking for a serene wedding venue, there’s no better way than yachts. Yacht rental companies offer the best wedding packages as having various sizes of yachts to rent from.

Start your married life in the middle of breathtaking Dubai waters on a luxurious yacht. Yacht rental Dubai allows you to enjoy your wedding day with a splendid reception. The companies offer full service so that everything can be made perfect for your special day. In this blog, we’ll help you in hosting a remarkable wedding on a beautiful yacht in Dubai.

Pick the Suitable Day and Time

If you have confirmed yacht as a wedding venue, deciding a venue is not difficult. The very important thing you must concerned is, the date of the wedding.

Everyone have its own desires and ideas for wedding such as wedding on a yacht on a floating ocean with mesmerizing backdrops is perfect. For guests, it taking in a water and toasting under the midday sun.

Whichever scenario you choose, planning your wedding date as soon as possible. Keep in consideration that your wedding date should not a rainy one. Moreover, keep an eye on the weather forecast in order to avoid inclement weather on your wedding day.

Conduct Events Other Than the D-Day

Let’s suppose, you are not convinced to hold your wedding reception on a yacht charter Dubai, on the other hand, your partner has insisted on a yacht wedding. Host small gatherings on the yachts in order to how real boat parties’ work. It could be any event, a bridal shower or an engagement.

Along with this, hosting other activities aboard a nautical experience without requiring you to commit. This experience can assist you in planning your big day. While you decide on a yacht, be aware of all the details you’ll need to consider.

Photographer Aboard

During weddings event, a photographer is entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. Discussing with them before time make them prepare for the venue. Discuss in advance, if you want some precise photos with your partner.

Sea Sickness is Real

Most of your guest list will be crazy to enjoy weddings on the yacht. However, you also have to consider those, who can’t eat food on the motion of a yacht on the water. Going outside on the water makes them feel uncomfortable and nauseous. Some people don’t realize seasickness until they experience it.

It would be best to inform the location in advance to all guests, the water remains calm it the yacht stays close to the land; seasickness can be reduced. Keep a fresh ginger tea or ginger candies in your hand to relive seasickness. Furthermore, tell your guests how to avoid getting seasick.

Activities for Guests

Naturally, people want to make their wedding occasion the most memorable one. For the couple, it is the happiest day of their life. But, have you thought about how to keep your guests engaged? Don’t forget your guests in this scenario. Ensure you have enough activities for the little one’s celebration intervals. The boat is in the middle of the sea, all you can do is on the boat.

Yacht Wedding Packages

Dubai has got some of the professional and yachting companies offering excellently designed exception yacht wedding packages. The city of Gold attracts millions of tourists for multiple boating tour packages. Wedding yacht package is one of the preferred ones here. Although the yacht wedding is little bit expensive, but it’s fascinating to know that most companies offer complete packages including everything you want to have in your wedding package.

Some of the yacht rental packages also includes services like photography, customized cake, buffet, videography, and other essential arrangements needed to plan for a wedding. It’ll make a yacht wedding affordable without compromising on quality. However, keep track of hidden charges before the final booking.

Generally, a wedding yacht charter package includes:

Keep in consideration, timeliness is crucial for a Dubai wedding yacht party. The couple can take their time as well as enter the yacht when they want. But once they have boarded, the late guests will miss the party. Being late will make you pay a huge when yacht is your destination. In order to avoid this unpleasant incident, the guests must be informed regarding the importance of reaching on time.

  • Red carpet Entry
  • Buffet on yacht
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Wedding decorations
  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers
  • Drinking water
  • Ice cubes
  • Disposal plates
  • Disposal Glasses
  • Soft drinks

Be on time

Moreover, a wedding on a yacht is one of the most popular wedding scenarios in Dubai. It’s not just a fresh take on, but also lovely and romantic as well. Mesmerizing views of the Dubai City, Burj Al Arab, Palm Atlantis, as well as the skyscrapers and many other monumental architectures will make your wedding moments more special.

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