How to Choose the Right Mother’s Day Flowers

On Mother’s Day, why not send her flowers? Consider these clever alternatives to the standard planter pot or planned bouquet from your florist instead. This year’s arrangement will have a particular and distinctive feel thanks to the inclusion of each of these flowers, which each has a specific significance. Mom would be proud.

Carnation Symbolism

Carnations are a popular choice for Mother’s Day flowers, and it’s not hard to see why. Because of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, Mother’s Day has become a national holiday in the United States of America. The custom of bringing 500 white flowers to church for the moms in attendance began as a result of Anna’s hard efforts. There are several attributes associated with motherhood that have been attributed to carnations throughout the years.

Gerbera Daisies and What They Mean

A gerbera daisy is the best way to spread happiness. Gerbera daisies are an excellent option for a Mother’s Day bouquet if your mother is known for her sunny disposition. Flower heads that strongly resemble sunflowers are one of their most notable features. Gerberas have come to signify innocence, purity and beauty, but their cheery look and numerous vibrant colour variants make them the primary emblem of happiness.

The Symbolism of Tulips

The tulip is the perfect flower for your mom’s bouquet if she’s laid-back and easygoing. Tulips are the quintessential spring flower because of their bright, cherry appearance. They have come to symbolise warmth, cosiness, and most importantly, happiness, making them a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

Symbolic Meaning of Azaleas

While the azalea flower has long been associated with femininity in China, it is also admired across the globe for its beauty and relationship with love. Many nations cultivate these unusual flowers, and you can typically get them at your local florist.

Symbolism of Daylilies

Day lilies, like azaleas, are a symbol of mothers throughout Asia. Beautiful and evocative of motherhood and Mother’s Day, the day lily is a beloved flower. You may discover a day lily that’s exactly appropriate for your mother in just about any flower store thanks to its wide choice of vibrant colours, including intense oranges and yellows.

Symbolism of Bluebells

The bluebell flower is an excellent option for your mother’s arrangement if she is peaceful and calming. In April and May of each year, the bluebells bloom, just in time for Mother’s Day. Humility and steadfastness are two virtues your mother instilled in you, and they are symbolised by the soothing blue colour and elegant form of these swans.

The Symbolism of Camellias

When it comes to gifts for your mother, the long-lasting camellia plant is an excellent choice. These plants are native to Asia, including China and Japan, as well as parts of South and Southeast Asia. They come in a wide range of vibrant colours and have a subtle scent. Symbolising gratitude and longevity, camellias are a wonderful way to express your appreciation to your mother on Mother’s Day.

What Do the Different Rose Colors Mean?

Always have flowers on hand as a last resort. Roses may be the greatest choice for your mother if she is really conventional. A lighter shade of red or a deep pink rose symbolises thanks and appreciation rather than the classic romantic symbol of the red rose. A loving temperament and purity and brightness are often connected with yellow flowers. Any combination of these spring-like coloured roses would be ideal for a more traditional mother’s holiday bouquet, given their symbolic meaning.

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