How To Become A Psychologist In Italy Steps

Psychology is a new generation of science that is constantly evolving. Professional psychologists are recognized in Italy by Law No. 56 of 1989 and can be attributed to fields such as society, administration, education, sports, law, and the judiciary.

How to become a psychologist? What degree do you need to work in this profession and what do you need to do?

 It is necessary to be registered in the register of psychologists to practice the profession.

This record consists of two parts:

  1. Volume A: – Gli Psychology (Seg. A).
  2. Part B: – Young Psychologist (Psychologist for social, organizational, and work contexts or “Psychologist for personal and community service”)

This record consists of two parts:

  • Volume A: Gli Psychology (Seg. A).
  • Part B: Young Psychologist (Psychologist for social, organizational, and work context or “Psychologist for personal and community service”)

To check if someone is on the registry, just visit the Star Academy Lahore website.

To enroll in Part A, you must have a master’s degree in psychology – LM 51, receive annual special training and pass state exams.

The state exam (Esame di Stato) consists of 4 parts (3 written exams and 1 oral exam).

To be admitted to Part B, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology – Scienze e Tecniche psychological (L 24), have completed a 6-month internship, and have passed state examinations.

The state exam (Esame di Stato) consists of 4 parts (two written exams, one practical exam, and one oral exam).

On October 18, 2020, the Cabinet passed a resolution approving a bill to abolish examinations for psychologists at the state level. What if the bill becomes law? In this case, practical training should be conducte within the university study framework. While in the Bachelors’s (Masters’s) program, the final exam becomes a qualification for professional activities.

Admission requirements for Bachelor’s degree in Psychology:

Psychology Technologies and Bachelor of Science Degree Program – L24:

  • Pass Italian language test B2 level (for international students) or English B2 (if taught in English).
  • Passing the entrance exam As a general rule, the Faculty of Psychology is a closed course. The university independently determines the date and method of the test, and the test will usually include questions on reasoning, culture, text comprehension, science (biology, chemistry, physics), and English. Therefore, you must know the requirements of your university beforehand.

Master’s Degree in Psychology – LM 51:

  • Pass Italian Language Test Level B2 (for International Students)
  • Passing an exam or interview or enrolling in a course depends on the evaluation of previous study material.

The LM51 master’s degree program offers the following specialties in Italian universities:

  • Clinical Psychology (Opportunity to read English)
  • Human resource management and organization development. (Opportunity to read English)
  • Neurology and lifelong rehabilitation.
  • Neurology and brain rehabilitation. (Opportunity to read English)
  • Psychology of criminal investigation.
  • Communication and marketing psychology
  • Organizational psychology and consumer behavior.
  • School psychology and education
  • Experimental psychology and neuroscience of perception and behavior. (Opportunity to study in English)

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