How To Be Well Prepared for Your IELTS Exam

If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, you need to put in all your efforts and dedication. IELTS is generally the first step towards fulfilling your goal. There are several exams to test how proficient you are in the English language but most students prefer to take the IELTS exam. IELTS exam covers several different modules like speaking, writing, reading, and listening. You need to devote proper time to every section. Ignoring any section and not preparing for it well can drastically affect your IELTS score. 

This article is prepared to provide you with some helpful tips to ensure that you are well prepared for your IELTS exam. 

Strengthen your vocabulary

The first step is to make sure you have worked well on your vocabulary. If you possess a good vocabulary it will enable you to do well in all sections. There is a lot of English material available around you. You need to invest your time browsing through all of that. For example- Pick up any English newspaper like The Tribune, or The Hindu and read it for at least 20 minutes. It will make you aware of several new words. You can read these papers online also or download their apps. 

Search for meanings of these words in a dictionary or use the internet. To strengthen your vocabulary you need to make yourself familiar with as many new words as possible. Once you are done doing so you will find yourself better prepared for the exam.

Improve your writing 

 Often students do not work on their writing skills that well. IELTS  writing exam consists of two tasks. You have to write as per the word limit only. Falling short of a specified word limit or exceeding it can lead to deduction of marks. You can be asked to describe a chart or graph. In such cases study the visual information very carefully and then proceed towards writing about it. Do not skip any important detail and re-read your written answers twice 

We recommend you spend at least an hour every day while preparing for IELTS  to enhance your writing skills. If you are not able to improve your writing skills then you should give a thought to connecting with the IELTS online coaching and attend their classes regularly. 

Work on pronunciation 

 Along with a good command of grammar and vocabulary, you should also be well aware of how to pronounce words effectively. If you pronounce words wrongly during a speaking test then it may cast a bad impression on the examiner and you may fail to achieve a good band score. To improve your pronunciation we suggest you try conversing in English as much as possible. 

Try to talk in English with your family and friends. If you find it difficult to do so then choose any topic and speak on it for a few minutes. You can record your speech and listen to it as many times as you wish. This will help you to understand your weaknesses. If you feel you are not able to generate ideas for your speech then you need to go through some common topics. If there is a problem with pronunciation then take the help of the web and find the exact pronunciation of any word you want. Just ensure you are fully aware of the pronunciation of some common words to be used in your speaking test. 

Practice is the key!

Without a lack of proper practice, you can never be well prepared for your IELTS exam. Several mock tests and practice papers can be found easily. You need to attempt as many as possible. Set the time limit for each section and try finishing it within that specified time. Just giving mocks is not enough. You have to properly analyze your mistakes and then work on them accordingly. Make yourself acquainted with the types of questions asked in the IELTS exam and practice all such types.  

To achieve a good band score, it’s important to seek proper guidance from those specialized in providing training for the same. So we suggest you join an esteemed institute providing PTE online coaching.

Be patient

 Initially, some students may find IELTS very hard. They may undermine themselves and prevent themselves from unlocking their real potential. English can be hard for many. But there is no shortcut to learning it. If you want to fulfil your dream of studying in a foreign nation then you have to put in all your hard work in learning English. Whether you are preparing for the IELTS exam or any other exam, you have to be patient and resilient.

You need not stuff your brain with too many concepts. You can decide how many new words you want to learn daily or how many reading passages you wish to solve. Then prepare your timetable accordingly. There is no dearth of free practice materials online. You can get access to them easily.  

During speaking tests make sure you pay proper attention to what the examiner is saying! There is no harm in asking him/her to clarify the question. You won’t lose any marks by doing so. Be attentive and patient and avoid speaking too fast or slowly. 

Wrapping it up

So we hope you will make use of the above tips while preparing for your IELTS exam. Construct a proper personalized strategy and implement it with all your dedication. You will be able to reach your desired band score with full ease.

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