How Do I Get Rooting Software Correctly?

Most people are not satisfied with the features and functions of the smart device that they buy or use. This point is highly pressured by the guys who are too attached to IT knowledge. Any way you come to the correct place to get a solution. We are ready to provide our whole article from us to you. So you turn your unsatisfied mood to the solution called rooting. This is the method for modifying the features and functions of your smart device. For this purpose, you want to select the best rooting software for the smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets that you currently using.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process to take the admin privileges of the device that you used. Today we provide our article to the android operating system device users. So, rooting means, Google is the developer for all android devices. They send them to under each manufactured companies. From there they designed devices under the various names and designed for the operating systems as well. After that, these devices will come to the user’s hand with some of the features not all. By the way, the remaining others have some they blocked. That is the reason for the unsatisfied mood of the tech-minded people. Then they try to unblock the features by rooting method via the mobile root software.

Therefore if you are a user of the android smart devices you can get the android root software download tool.

Root genius app

Root genius is the best rooting tool that is the android root software download tool. It means this rooting tool is designed only for android operating system devices so if you are the guy who uses an android device can get the app. Root genius is the rooting software that is an awesome freeware application that let you access all android devices. Unlike many other rooting tools this is a safer, easier, and fastest way to root the device by the expert coding team android users. So if you are the guy who plans to root your android smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets you can hit the Root Genius app. 

Why do we use the root Genius app?

Root genius app is better in the online rooting tool market than other rooting tools like 360 root, I root,v root, towel root, frama root, king root, kingo root, etc. So as the android user trying to the root genius is awesome and it is a freeware application for all android users from starting the download to the end. Android root software download tool has a beautiful interface that every android user likes to start the process.

Another important fact that I want to highlight is root genius is the one-click rooting tool. There is no other rooting tool like root genius in the market for android smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets. You can use the rooting tool software within short steps to go. But other rooting tools have long steps to follow. So sometimes people feel the tiredness from downloading. Now you can get the point regarding these facts how to root genius is valuable. Therefore I would like to say if you user of an android operating system device you must select the rooting software as root genius for rooting.

Latest versions of rooting software-Root genius

  • Root Genius-v 2.2.86-the latest version
  • Root Genius-v 2.2.84
  • Root Genius-v 2.2.83
  • Root Genius-v 2.2.82
  • Root Genius-v 1.6.73
  • Root Genius-v 1.6.69
  • Root Genius-v 1.6.64
  • Root Genius-v 1.4.55
  • Root Genius-v 1.4.51
  • Root Genius-v 1.3.48
  • Root Genius-v 1.3.47
  • Root Genius-v 1.1.33
  • Root Genius-v 1.0.23
  • Root Genius-v 1.0.22
  • Root Genius-v 1.0.21

 Features of the root genius

  • Root genius is the one-click rooting which allows you to root the process in just a single click
  • Android root software download – Root Genius is a freeware application for android smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets
  • You do not need any stable connection for rooting the device
  • Root genius is easy to use newbies also can learn the software very much
  • You can root the application with a personal computer or laptop or without the computer
  • And also you can use the application directly on the mobile platform
  • You can get the superuser power 

Steps to download the root genius to the pc

  • Step 1:Visit the trusted website or our official website for getting the software as root genius
  • Step 2:Download and install the application to the personal computer or laptop
  • Step 3:Make sure to enable the USB debugging mode from the settings
  • Step 4:Connect the pc with the USB cable to the android device
  • Step 5:The software will detect the connection of the android device
  • Step 6:Read the instructions and policies carefully and start the installation
  • Step 7:After the installation is done launch the app and click on the “root” button
  • Step 8:Finally you can check the successful rooting by the root checkers that appears in the google play store

Guide to download the root genius to the mobile platform

  • Step 1:Go to the trusted official website and search the rooting tool called root genius
  • Step 2:Download and install the application to the mobile platform of the android operating system
  • Step 3:Enable the unknown resources from the settings. That will help you in downloading
  • Step 4:Start the downloading process
  • Step 5:Before downloading read the policies and agrees carefully
  • Step 6:Run the installation process until it gets finished
  • Step 7:Launch the app from the home screen and start the root process
  • Step 8:Click on the root button
  • Step 9:After rooting the device you can get a successful device 
  • Step 10:You can use a root checker for checking your rooting whether it is successful or not

Credits to the developer team

Thanks to the developer team for giving this opportunity to all android users for the rooting process. Hit the application and try the rooting android devices.

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