FSSAI Announces the Launch of the FoSCoS Platform

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (“FSSAI”) has declared the movement of the old Food Licensing and Registration System (“FLRS”) to another stage called Food Safety and Compliance. Framework (“FoSCoS”) in a Public Notice dated May 28, 2020. This new framework will act as an all-inclusive resource for all administrative consistence exercises including a Food Business Operator (“FBO, (for example, permitting, enlistment, yearly returns, etc). It has been incorporated with the portable application – FoSCoSRIS – and will before long be converged with FSSAI’s ongoing IT stages like INFOLNet, FoSTaC, FICS, FPVIS, and others.

FLRS to FoSCoS Migration Strategy

FoSCoS will be presented in stages. It is currently working in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Odisha, Manipur, Chandigarh, Puducherry, and Ladakh as of June 1, 2020. The FLRS site is planned to be refreshed soon with data about the presentation in the excess states/UTs. FSSAI has likewise coordinated all States/UTs to lay out a “Permitting Helpdesk” at the state level to answer client/partner inquiries.

Client IDs and passwords in FoSCoS will be equivalent to what they were in FLRS. Obligatory documentation has additionally been smoothed out, with many paper-based announcements being supplanted with tick-based statements.

All legitimate FSSAI Licensed or Registered Food Businesses should confirm the subtleties of their current Licenses/Registration Certificates, (for example, License, Registration number, Name, and Address of the Food Business, Kind of Business selected, legitimacy, and so on) on the Food Safety and Compliance System after the framework is sent off in their separate states.

Before December 31, 2020, all makers with a substantial FSSAI permit should modify their permit (with no change cost) as per the “Normalized Food Products” accessible on the FoSCoS site.

There was a text-enclose approach FLRS for composing the name of the items to be fabricated. FoSCoS has executed an item choice-based procedure to make it simpler for food ventures to choose Standardized Food Products. This new method is simply material to Standardized Food Product makers. The system for producers of non-determined food, supplements, restrictive food, and substances added to food will continue as before as in the current FLRS.

There are no Standardized Food Products in Food Categories 15 (Ready to Eat Savories) and 16 (Prepared Food), thus an organization in these classifications should get a Central permit under the restrictive food class. A new permitting classification 100 has likewise been added, where Standardized Food Products that don’t have a Food Category planned will be referenced.

Clarification of the Standardized Food Products Concept

The FSSAI endorsed the proposition to plan “Normalized Food Products” with the current “Food Category System” in November 2019 to permit enrollment for makers. Variations (for example assortments and subtypes) of these Standardized Food Products might have different vertical models. To make it simpler for food endeavors, the methodology has been taken to give licenses in view of the depiction of a Standardized Food Product, including its variations, except if the classification under the Food Category System is unique or there is a requirement for managerial reasons1.

To deliver one more standard rendition of the food item or determinations for another variation are added with a similar Food Category System, this planning will wipe out the requirement for extra change needs.

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For instance, in the Food Category System, “Chocolate” is named “Classification 5.1.3.” Under Category 5.1.3, the FBO conceded a permit to make chocolate that can create its variations, including milk chocolate, milk covering chocolate, plain chocolate, plain covering chocolate, mixed chocolate, white chocolate, filled chocolate, composite chocolate, praline, and couverture chocolate. Moreover, in the event that the FSSAI tells a norm for some other (type or subtype) of Chocolate notwithstanding the sub-types recorded over, the FBO isn’t expected to apply for another permit, as long as the Food Category System of the recently told standard continues as before.

The main change presented by the exchange from FLRS to FoSCoS is the permitting instrument for “makers,” which will currently be founded on Standardized Food Products. The exchange additionally plans to forestall future food extortion, make consistence more straightforward for partners, and further develop client experience.

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