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Usage of Cloud Computing in private as well as public sectors is rising steadily. There is a continuous stream of new innovations, process, methodologies, technologies and more which all has been designed to keep cloud computing technology in the cutting edge.  If you are looking to start your career in a cloud computing platform or want to pick some of the most demanding skills. Then it is always suggested to choose your career path and pick the Azure Cloud computing certification course which will take you to the right path in your career. There is not a better time to develop your cloud computing skills in Microsoft Azure and level up your career. 

So, if you are wondering where to start or from where to begin your cloud career. Then you must go on for any Microsoft Azure Developer certification and other certification course. Microsoft Azure certification has a series of over dozens of certification courses. That will help you to build up your career.  

Different Azure Certification Levels

There are mainly four different levels of certification on Microsoft Azure. 


This is perfect for non-technical persons who are willing to start their career in cloud computing. And a beginner in cloud professionals. 

Associate Level

It will be best suitable for those who have a solid understanding of Azure basic levels.  

Expert Level

This is perfect for the people who have a strong background in cloud computing including Associate level certification. As well as practical experience of working in cloud computing. 

Special Certifications

It will mainly focus on Azure for SAP Workloads and Azure IOT Developer Specialty.

In fact, outside this classification system. There are pair of Azure Certification paths which is known as Microsoft Certified Security Operations Analyst Associate (for Security Engineers which can directly work on Threat Management, Monitoring and Response) and Microsoft Certified Identity and Access Administrator Associate (for Administrators who are working for Azure AD to handle Identity and Access Management). 

Top Azure Certification Program: Some of the best Microsoft Azure Certification Paths for you to follow –

Azure Administrator Associate (AZ – 104): 

Prerequisites – Already experience in Power Shell, Azure Portal, Azure CLI and ARM Templates.

Skills Covered – Manage Azure identities, implementing, then managing storage, configuration. As well as managing virtual networking, Azure Compute resource management, monitoring and backing up Azure resources.       

Who can do this course – Candidates with technical background and completed their administrator-level knowledge in Cloud Services can able to do this course. 

Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI – 102)

Prerequisites – Now, you need to be proficient in Python or C#, must be able to use SDKs, REST-based APIs to develop computer visions, knowledge mining, conversational AI, natural language processing solutions on Azure. Need to understand and have the ability to use responsible AI ethics and components to make up the Azure AI portfolio.    

Skills Covered – Can implement secure environment, monitor and optimize operational resources. Perform administration by using T-SQL, optimizing query performance. Performing task automation, High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment. 

Who can do it – This course will build up AI skill sets among the engineers who are willing to work with Azure.  

Azure Developer Associate (AZ -204)

Prerequisites – Minimum 2years of Microsoft Azure development experience along with programming expertise in Azure supported high level of language. 

Skills – With the help of this certification course, you can develop Azure storage and compute solutions. Optimize and troubleshoot Azure solutions, implement Azure security. Connecting and consume Azure and third party services.    

Who can do it – Professionals who can take responsibility for the overall cloud development of all phases can able to do such Azure Developer training course. 

Azure Data Scientist Associate (DP 100):

Prerequisites – Must have the knowledge and practical experience in data science that also includes Azure Data bricks and Azure Machine Learning. 

Skills – Through this course, you would be able to master on Azure oriented Machine Learning resources, training models, running experiments, implementing responsible machine learning, and operationalizing and deploying machine learning solution.   

Who can do it – Machine Learning is on high demand. Even Data Scientists are also using Azure. Thus, it has a great impact in today’s data analysis.  

Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-203):

Prerequisites – For this course, you need good knowledge of Data processing languages such as Python, SQL or Scala. Also the candidates need to understand the architecture process and parallel processing patterns. 

Skills Included – Design and develop data processing, design and implement data security, design and implement data storage, optimize data storage and data processing.   

Who can do it – Experience professional those who are working with data processing, data pipeline and also dealing with stakeholders, data engineers, and this certification is essential for them. This position is crucial to help stakeholders so that they can understand data and also helpful for the data pipeline development. 

Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500):

Prerequisites – Practical experience in Azure admin and hybrid environments. The person also required experience in infrastructure as code, Azure services, Security Operations processes and cloud capabilities to do this certification course.

Skills Included – Should be able to manage access and identity. Securing data and applications, implement platform protection and also manage security operations. 

Who can do it – Nowadays, security is serious matter. With the increasing rate of security breaches, want demand for cyber security skills and security engineers are increasing and are expecting to work with Azure. So, those wants to work as Security Engineer, can do this certification. 

Azure Architect for SAP Workloads (AZ-120):

Knowledge you Already Required – have strong knowledge on either in Azure Architect or in Azure Administrator certification. SAP HANA certification and Linux as well to do this certification course further.

Skills Included – Migrating SAP workloads to Azure validating infrastructure for SAP workloads, deploying Azure for SAP. Optimizing Azure SAP architecture performance as well as designing Azure to support SAP – all are included in this certification.

Who can do it – This course is suitable for administrators, architects and also the engineers migrating SAP solutions to the cloud. SAP applications are mainly required in Fortune 500 companies where the candidate can find huge opportunities for a career in a famous and well-known company.

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