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Enhance your quality of sleep with these foods and drinks

With tight schedules and deadlines, people are now adding much stress to their life which spoils their quality of sleep. This comes as an alarming notification as it may hamper your health. Lack of sleep invites the risk of some chronic illnesses and can badly affect your immune system and brain. Having a proper amount of sleep is beneficial for your health. 

A person must sleep for at least 8 hours without interruptions. But due to a hectic work lifestyle, most are unable to do. If you are also one of those people who is finding it hard to sleep, then it’s time to follow some strategies that include changing your diet, plus, taking some foods and drinks that help in promoting good sleep. 

Top foods and drinks that improve the quality of sleep

Fatty fish

If you have trouble having a long hour of sleep, then better start adding fatty fish like Tuna, salmon, trout, and mackerel. All these are healthy. The excess amount of Vitamin D in these fish food makes them exceptional. If you are not so habitual of eating fatty fish, then make it a habit of eating some amount of fatty fish before going to sleep. Just do it for one week, and you will see the improvement yourself. 


Turkey comes as the best non-vegetarian food as it tastes very delicious and is also very nutritious since it contains a high amount of protein. If you eat a roasted turkey, then you will be getting 8 grams of protein per 28 grams. Turkey contains some sources of minerals and vitamins like phosphorus and riboflavin. Besides these, it is also rich in protein and is known to promote better sleep quality. 


When it comes to boosting sleep quality, then you have walnuts for it. Don’t judge it for its small size as they contain an abundant amount of nutrients. These brain-shaped dry fruits are rich in manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. If you are not comfortable eating fish, then no issue, you can opt for walnuts as they are rich in healthy fats like omega-3 acids. Apart from boosting heart health, it also helps in better sleep. Make a habit of eating some walnuts before saying good night. 

White rice

White rice also comes as the best option for improving sleep quality. Even though it lacks nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, still, it is better to eat white rice as it does contain some amount of minerals and vitamins. And it is no new fact, that rice is the staple food in many countries. This also helps in aiding good sleep. 

Banana peels

Here comes another easily available fruit, bananas. But here I am mentioning banana peels as they contain a rich source of magnesium and contain tryptophan. 


Those who do not have a habit of drinking milk at night will surely go to take it after knowing that it helps in better sleeping as it contains tryptophan. However, you can also refer to other dairy products like cottage cheese or plain yogurt. 


Kiwi is a nutritious fruit that is low in calories. Having it will benefit you in getting a significant amount of nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin K. This fruit also contains other contents like potassium, folate, and amounts of minerals. Apart from its benefits like improving digestion, cutting down inflammation, and lowering cholesterol, Kiwis are a good source of improving sleep. 


Here comes another dry fruit after walnuts. They contain a great number of nutrients. An adult must have them to get riboflavin and phosphorus. It also contains manganese and should be consumed by men and women. Being an anti-oxidants, almonds help protect your cells from harmful inflammation that promotes chronic diseases like heart attack and diabetes. 

Chamomile tea

You must have heard or read about natural drinks that help remove stress. One such is chamomile tea, which is popular for containing flavones. They are a type of antioxidant that fights inflammation that encourages heart ailments and other chronic diseases like cancer. Drinking chamomile tea will not only benefit you by boosting your immune system, but can also provide relief from stress, improve skin, and also aids in sleeping problem. 

Coconut water

Well, the addition of coconut water might come as a surprise for you, but it is a natural energy-booster drink to have. It is brimmed with ingredients like magnesium and potassium that help you enjoy your sleep. Plus, they also aid in relaxing muscles. Coconut water is the best natural beverage to get fill up the lack of vitamin B content in your body, as this helps in bringing down the stress levels. 

Final words

So these are some of the foods and drinks that can help in improving your sleep quality. I hope you will find this helpful with mention of their benefits. MedGrids comes as one of the best anti-counterfeiting solutions in helping consumers to stay away from counterfeit products.

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