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Enhance The Life and Look of Your Kitchen with a Rug or a Carpet – Floorspace

A kitchen is a place where many activities take place simultaneously such as baking, frying, mixing, chopping, pouring, eating, and drinking. It can be put in other words i.e. kitchen is home to crumbs, grease, spillages, grime, etc. In short, a kitchen is a messy place. Keeping it neat and clean especially when you have children and pets at home is no less than a challenge. So, don’t you think the best thing to do is to cover that easy to clean the tiled or wooden floor with a rug?

Well, let’s go through the pros and cons first and then decide.


  • Rugs put the soul in the boring space by adding a dash of colours and a pinch of textures. There is no life on a kitchen floor, they are plain and have a neutral shade, and a little spark of colour will make your kitchen dazzling.
  • If you are the one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you must have your floor covered with a soft and tender rug. They will give comfort to your old feet.


  • The bacteria and crumbs that will cling to the kitchen rug will make you feel very gross. And it depends on the material of the rug and how long it will take to clean that rug!
  • Rugs laid on a hard floor can be a big reason for minor injuries or accidents. It gets slippery and it is not safe if you are carrying anything made of glass or a dish just taken out from the microwave. However, by paying a few more bucks you can use an anti-slip for the same.

If you have finally decided to go for a rug in the kitchen then select the right one. Just consider the décor of your kitchen, and accordingly decide the material, colour, texture, etc of the rug. Some material is easy to clean whereas few rugs trap dust in a way that it becomes a task to clean. The length of the pile should also be considered.

In the case of material, wool should be avoided as it is very difficult to clean and in each wash, it will not be the same as before. When it comes to a place like a kitchen either jute or synthetic material such as polypropylene should be your preference.

In the case of length, a flat weave rug should be given preference over a rug with a thick pile.                                                                                                      

Floor Space will be glad to help you in defining your place by providing you with a coir mat, sisal floor covering, a warm woollen rug, or a durable jute carpet. You will find each mat has a distinctive feature, texture, colour, and pattern. They are beautiful and yet if you are not able to make choice, or find a piece of your choice then you can always make one. You create a rug of your own online and it will be delivered to your place in the minimum time possible.

A rug or carpet should form part not only of your kitchen but rooms and hallway as well because it not only raises the level of décor but brings comfort and safety along with beauty!

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