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Do Bape Hoodies Run Small? (Don’t Skip This)

You can order the usual size of Bape hoodies, but they will run a little smaller in the body length when you order the standard size. It is also important to note that if you go for a size up, the hoodie will fit perfectly but will have a larger area around the tummy area.

Men can still wear the Bathing Ape (Bape) hoodies because the hoodies don’t run too tight, but women’s hoodies tend to run smaller and tighter, so keep that in mind before purchasing the Bathing Ape (Bape) hoodies.

We will now discuss this topic in even more detail because Bape is an expensive streetwear brand.

How do you find out what size you are in bape?

It would help if you started by taking measurements of your arms, chest, shoulders, hips, and waist to create a plan of action. Then refer to the size chart mentioned in the article.

Let’s talk further…

Although all streetwear brands have the same size chart, the fit seems inconsistent regardless of the brand.

In most situations, if you usually wear a size L in other urban wear like Rocawear, then the same size in Bape will feel a bit small to you. However, it is still pretty standard for most people to wear a size L in Bape.

When it comes to Bape hoodies, if I had to provide an example of inconsistent sizing, I would say that if you buy the same size Bape in Japan and compare it to the US size, you’ll most likely feel the same way I did: inconsistency.

There is a big difference between the black Bape hoodie and the green shark camo from 2015. If you have the green shark camo from 2015 and the new black Bape hoodie, you can see the difference in the waist length and the length of the sleeve length.

I would like to hear some suggestions on whether to downsize or enlarge the Bape hoodies.

Generally, if you are wearing an S-size hoodie, and it is not from Bape, you should go for the M size with Bape. The bagginess in the midsection of your jacket may add up based on what kind of jacket you’re purchasing.

If you’re around 5’11” and 165 pounds, it will be okay to go for L to get a comfortable fit.

However, the XL with Bape fits even more significantly than most other brands’ larger sizes.

Hence, that is why I said earlier that Bathing Ape hoodies fit well (let’s say in an S size), but they run a little smaller on the body, and on the other hand, they are just the right length (let’s say in an M size) but also a little baggier in the middle.

Do Bape hoodies run large or small?

When a Bape hoodie is ordered in size larger than usual, it is said to run large around the midsection and throughout the body.

Additionally, you may notice that the sleeves may be looser than the previous size, which gives the shirt a more relaxed fit than the slim or athletic fit.

As well, the design of the hood itself is such that when it is worn completely, it will block out your right side vision, which is not their fault because how else are you going to call it “the shark hoodie” if it’s not shaped like a shark?

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