Creative home decor ideas

The most exciting part of buying a new house is decorating it. A lot of people go for customized items for their home décor. One interesting accessory to add to your personalized space is placing custom doormats in your house. They can be placed on the entrance with a nice quote to welcome everyone coming inside or outside your room with your favorite quote to make your space speak your energy.  Here’s how to have a wholesome custom doormats de idea.

Gifts for your friends:

When it comes to making your friends feel good, creativity plays a vital role. Well we have a new and exciting idea for you to choose a unique present for your friends. A custom doormat can be a perfect gift for your newlywed friends to kick start decorating their new house. The sentiment is extremely wholesome as you can have their family names on the mat or write some quote for them. This can also be a perfect gift idea for your friends who purchased a new house. This can add on to their décor as you can custom made a doormat according to their room/home interior.

Brand building:

Businesses selling home décor items can introduce custom doormats to build their brand name and attract customers. As of now not a lot of brands are doing this. Businesses can also have their own custom doormats with their brand’s logo on their outlets to stand out among other businesses. This can be a great marketing technique to promote their new product as well as stand out and have audience’s attention. Here’s an example of a jewelry brand having a custom doormat in the entrance of their store. This can add positivity to customer review and wholesome customer in-store experience.

DIY old doormats:

You can create your own custom doormat by renovating an old one. Cut the rough edges and you can stitch a new cloth on your mat to make it look new. Furthermore, paint it will some cool design or add your favorite quote, you can add stickers if it is for the kids room. This way you can re-use your old doormats rather than buying new ones.

There are many other uses for custom doormats. You can place them outside bathrooms with some text like “place your slippers here”, this can be a unique way to decorate your room and better understanding of the kids especially if they forget to change into bathroom slippers while going in.

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